Monday, July 25, 2011

big day!

last week was the big day for russell and kristen!!! and the lead up was just as fun..willie and kelly arrived the monday before and went straight to disneyland...they met kerry, emma, kelly and jeff and the kids for a couple of fun-filled days...then everyone came back for the festivities at our house...last minute details...fantastic days...a little bit crazy with all the kids running around...on thursday we had a rehearsal at the ranch where the reception was's such a beautiful spot...can hardly believe it's so close...and such a secret! afterwards we drove around the property and saw the llamas, the buffalo, the zebra, camels and horses...the kids loved feeding them...friday was the big day! it was a beautiful day...russ and kristen were married in the los angeles was beautiful...they were so happy...afterwards we had pictures and then quickly drove to the saddle rock ranch...trying to miss 'carmageddon' which as we all know...didn't really happen...that was a blessing! the ring ceremony was beautiful...moms came first down the aisle, then bridesmaids and groomsman...and then the kids...uh oh...willie and i realized that no one was watching the kids after we left! they were the hit (after the bride and groom)...gavin came marching in carrying the ring pillow...then kate, owen, tommy, charlie came running up behind...and lexi, after wandering a bit made it back on the path was so cute...they looked darling...the dinner was amazing...started dancing right away...the party went on and on...everyone had a fantastic was really gorgeous...on saturday we all relaxed at our house with a swim party with many of our close's always so much fun to be was a great weekend...i'm so thankful that so many of my family and friends were there to share it with us...i just wish i could have visited with everyone, just a 'bit' longer...thanks for making it a great day!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

this and that

this and that

it's been crazy the last month...and it doesn't seem to be letting up! after my trip to idaho and right into the last minute prep for youth was fantastic and alot of work! we (bonnie, larene , me and many helpers) cooked and cooked, making all the food for the conference....then i came home that saturday night to russ' birthday...he was celebrating with a barbecue...then, we had another barbecue on sunday for kelly's birthday....then, 3 days later it was kristen's alot of parties that week...then topped it off with a barbecue for the 4th of july...which was really fun...we had everyone bring a great we had sooooo much food...then we had alot of delicious desserts, plus a smore had about anything you could think of to make different types of smores...topped that off with wonderful fireworks...a really fun day...we've been having alot of guests this summer...about every week someone new shows's been really fun to have the house so full..the inside and outside is crazy..they are working on the house still, everyone is just trying to keep out of each others way and every morning we have a great wakeup call! much fun, but when it's finished it will be great....right now i've got kelly and jeff's kids for the weekend...the one weekend that the whole house seemed to have emptied! so, i asked emma moller to come and help me with the little angels!!!! she's been wonderful...the kids love her! thanks emma...we've been swimming a ton, the weather is so beautiful, movies, the kids are just playing...trying to stay out of the construction workers way!, now we come down to the countdown of the big day for russ and kristen! only 6 days until they tie the knot!!! woo hoo! willie and kelly arrive on monday...and the party starts!!! or maybe just continues!!!