Wednesday, March 28, 2012

quick trip

heidi and kelly
the preggers girls..whit, marta, and taryn

kristen,whit, ker, polly

sarah,melanie,megan and katie and dylan

brittany, emily and jan (austin's fam)

jo and kerry
polly, me, and danece
on thursday, russ and kristen and i flew to utah for a quick weekend was packed with a lot of activities...we got up late thursday night (russ and kris almost missed the flight), friday, kelly and kids arrived in the morning...kerry showed up and with whitney we went to the new city creek mall downtown...that was fun to check's beautiful...friday night polly, whitney, marta and abby threw kerry her first shower!  it was so much be with the cousins and a few close friends/family...she received some wonderful to watch...jeff arrived late friday night...the lewis family went to park city for a photo shoot...saturday, russ went snowboarding...kristen, kerry and i met jason and whit for lunch, then some more shopping...later we met the mollers, tyler, jp, taryn and justin for pizza...delicious...then, on to the Hunger Games! was great...sunday was quiet...i cleaned up while the kids went off, kerry and austin to a baby blessing, russ and kristen went to the festival of colors, where they throw paint on you....then home again!.it was quick but such a fun time...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spring break

it's been a busy few days....kerry and austin came home on thursday night for a week of wedding planning!  they've been busy....met with the venue people...engagements photos, video, flowers, cake, austin met terry and sharon...we went to dinner with my cousin george which was great...i haven't seen him for it was fun to catch up and reminisce...monday night we went bowling for fhe...luckily, i schooled them!! it's been a fun few days...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

disneyworld princess half marathon

the tangled 5k

magic kingdom

princess half

kerry and i flew to florida on friday and met kelly, kristen and kelly's friend linda in orlando...the mission?  to run the disneyworld princess half marathon!  if you january the girls ran the tinkerbell half in, if you run both races in the same calendar get a medal for running 'coast to coast' that's what the girls was a quick but fun trip...friday night we walked all over epcot, probably twice, looking for this pasta party that the race puts on...we found it...they had just closed down!  oh well...dinner was someplace else...saturday morning we got up early to go to the tangled 5k...that was for we all did that...i had to walk it, because while training i wrecked my knee...but, i could walk was all through to do...we came back to the hotel, changed and went to the magic was a fun day...kelly had a magic pass (she has an 'in') let us get fast passes we went on all the rides without waiting...that was fantastic!! we went back to epcot...walked to the end of the park again for dinner...then, a not so early bedtime...the poor girls had to be up at 3 am!! they had to catch a bus to the started at 5:45 am...i didn't go until 7...lucky me...i arrived at about 7:30, just as kelly was finishing...linda was already done...then, kristen came in and then kerry....i'm so proud of all of them...they did a fantastic job...after the race we went back to the hotel and the girls collapsed...slept for a few hours...had a long lunch, then a long plane ride back to california!!! a fun, but quick trip!!!

feb in slc

kerry and austin got engaged!!!
willie, ryan and jacob...celebrating ryan's wedding
kathie, allison, danece and me...girl's days!
it's been a whirlwind lately...the whole month of february in fact...but, all of it's good...i went to slc and alot happened while i was there....the most exciting was that kerry and austin got engaged on february 15th!!! what an exciting night...they are very happy and excited for their june 1st will be busy for us the next few months....the next night we had a girl cousins party at our house...that was alot of fun...everyone brought a recipe from was fun to visit and see everyone...friday was ryan and whitney's wedding...that was a great day to celebrate with them...they were so to be there...i had willie and kelly and kids, jeff and kelly and kids and kerry there...russ and kristen were in vegas on their own little trip....saturday was whitney's 30th birthday...we celebrated the next day with her...on saturday we went shopping for wedding dresses!!! woo hoo...and she found a gorgeous one...what a beautiful bride kerry will be....sunday and monday was fun with family and friends...lunch, dinner, movies etc...on tuesday the family lefts and the 'girls' came...we had a fun time together...we went up to kamas to that fun restaurant that kathy fryer took me too in the fall...went to park city and shopped around....ate alot! saw some movies...shopped around salt lake...and talked, talked and was a great time to see my was a great trip to slc...on friday kerry and i flew to florida...and that's the next post!