Saturday, August 13, 2011

flying the coop

this summer was crazy with people at our house....all the rooms were full...lots of action going on at all was really fun...but, as you know, all good things come to an end...russ and kristen moved into their new house...they are getting settled into real life (that actually happens in two weeks when school starts), kerry moved back to utah for school...she was excited to go see her friends, although most of them seemed to have shown up once or twice this summer...shem left on his trip...met up with andrea....nick and shayla left the week, i'm down to sophie, sadie and gracie...i'm an empty nester...which is sort of we'll see how it goes...since they flew the nest, maybe i should also! where should i go????

Friday, August 5, 2011


from june until august we have 7 birthdays in our we get to have alot of fun parties....this week was willie's 31st birthday and today is kerry's 22nd birthday!!! hip hip hooray!! my kids are the greatest and i'm so lucky to have them in my family....willie is such a fantastic man...he is smart, funny, handsome, a great husband and wonderful dad..

kerry is so beautiful...she is artistic, a fashionista, so
much fun to be with...she is full of life at all's a party when you're with her....i am so
blessed to have such a great family...we have a
great time together...i want them both to know
how proud i am of both of you guys...