Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tinkerbell 13.1

tinkerbell! here we come!  that was the war cry on saturday!! no, not to disneyland, but to the tinkerbell inagural half marathon!  and, no, it wasn't me that was running! whew! kelly, kerry, kristen, shannon and her sister lindsay were the girls involved...it was fun to see all the hoopla surrounding the race...since it's disney, everyone dresses up and it's so much fun to see what they wear...i saw captain hook (kelly), snow white (kris), tweedle dee and tweedle dum ( kerry and shannon).they looked darling in their 'team sparkle' skirts (kelly and her good friends company)..along with tink, of course, the good fairies, minnie, cruella etc...it was fun.the race started at 5:45 and they ran through the park, the characters were out to cheer them on..they ran through the castle and then eventually through the streets of anaheim,and 13.1 milies later, finishing up by running through california adventure and then the big finish line!!..kelly ran an amazing race...finished before we could get to the finish line...she's a race car out there!  kristen did an amazing job, doing very well in her first race...and kerry and shannon did a great job...kerry had some things going against her...she's had bronchitis all month but only found out of friday...so she didn't train alot...so shannon pushed her along and let her stop to breath along the way...lindsay did great and had a fun time also...fun times to share with the girls...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my dad would be 90!

  my dad, gerald...jiggs to his friends was one of   the most generous people i have ever known, (tom, was the other one)....he gave and gave and taught me that great principle....i was so lucky to have him as a dad...he had the best sense of humor and loved a good joke...he had great knowledge and loved to pass it on (lecture) to us during dinner!! he was smart, loved the game...the game of business...the sport's game....any game...he loved the 'odds' of beating the other side...he coached our wards basketball and softball teams for years and years...and it was almost like a pro team...golf was his passion...and he dressed the part....i remember his bright red pants that he wore...he had huge goals and he pulled it off....he owned the utah jazz, he owned the canyon racquet club, and he owned and built the jeremy ranch among other things...but, i think his greatest achievement was marrying my mom and raising 4 amazing children...which of course, i am one of!! i was blessed to have him in my life...love you forever!! enjoy your birthday golf game with mom and tom!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Christmas Eve.....family, friends, food, and a special visit from 'you know who!'
Christmas Day was filled with gifts, more food, toys...the next day brought Willie and Kelly and family for a whole week!!!
The cousins played...there was running, screaming, laughing...we went to the beach with our gorgeous weather...we went to the zoo...we went to Catalina...we saw the old Mullin house on Catalina...went a on sub ride...played in the sand and water....
the holidays were fantastic!!! I got to see all my special loved ones...couldn't ask for a better Christmas!!