Thursday, June 16, 2011


russell works for a company called zumbox....what is zumbox? it's an online postal system that sends digital postal mail, based on your name and street address...what does that mean? when you sign up for zumbox, you can manage all your mail online (pay bills, make notes on mail, store them forever etc...)....follow this link to sign up and you might win!!! a million dollars, an ipad, bills paid for a try your's free!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


so, in my previous post, i said that we went to boise last, this is the story behind that trip....on wednesday, larene, kerry and i drove down to the airport...i was driving....we pulled up to the curb of the car has an automatic car lock button...i pushed it so we could all get out....larene hopped out and went to open the i was getting out and shutting the door...larene said, it won't open...sooooo, kerry pushed the button again...BUT, that locked all the doors!!! uhoh!!! the car was locked, no extra key...and the car was running....the curbside checkin guy came, the president of american airlines was walking by and tried to help, cops go...the doors were not going to open...i called triple a...after 1/2 hour the guy showed the meantime the curb guy checked us in, and was giving us a running time of how long we had left before missing the flight....while waiting i also called land rover...asking if they had an 'onstar' type luck...and...they said, you will not be able to unlock the the triple a guy luck...the curb guy is saying 2, i'm saying...break the window!  so 3 tries later....a shatter and glass everywhere...kerry reached in and unlocked the door...we grabbed our bags...kerry was sent straight to land rover...we ran to security, begged to be put front of the line...and ran for the gate....and...we made it!!! what a way to start a trip!


'tis the season of weddings, parties, weddings and more weddings...last wednesday larene and i flew up to boise to landon cooley's wedding...we went a few days early to visit and help out alison...we had a great time seeing boise, helping out with the wedding and most importantly, catching up with each other!! the wedding was beautiful...vanessa was a gorgeous bride, landon, a handsome groom...good times! on saturday, kerry, abby moller and i flew down to slc...polly and her girls threw russell and kristen a was especially fun because kelly and willie, kelly, jeff and kids and of course, russ and kristen was so much fun to see the's always a great time when we get was a quick visit, everyone leaving today...but a nice short time together...thanks, pod....

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