Tuesday, June 10, 2014

cedar's 1st birthday!

after colorado, i flew for a quick trip to utah....to celebrate cedar's first birthday!  it was a fun quick stop....we went to the concert on tuesday night...then, spent wednesday getting ready for the party.....kerry and austin had it all planned out...we had a fun bbq with a lot of friends and family....it was a beautiful summer night....cedar was really into his cake.....he slowly started eating it...then, just kept at it....he took a few bigger handfuls....but, slowly, slowly he ate the whole thing....it was pretty big also!  he is growing into such a fun little boy....his hair is still red but i'm scared that it will soon turn blond...his roots are blond...he has such blue, blue eyes....he's started walking...has to think about it a bit....he is very, very busy...never stops it seems....starting to say a few words....it is so fun to watch him grow!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Emmy Lou


A few weeks ago kerry mentioned that Emmy Lou Harris was going to be in town while I was there for cedars b-day bash. So we got tickets. It was up at red butte gardens amphitheater. A gorgeous site right by the mountains. polly and jim, kerry and austin  came with me We brought a picnic for dinner and our chairs. Only thing we didn't think of was that as soon as the sun went down it turned cold! It a few sweatshirts saved us!! A fun evening. Fun kickoff to summer!

colorado with the grands




i'm in colorado springs with kelly and willies' kids for a few days....they have jetted off to paris! so i'm tending for half of the time....i decided it would be more fun for the kids and me to go to a hotel...we're staying at the broadmoor hotel and it's gorgeous....it's an old hotel in the hills of colorado springs...it was built in 1918 and is on a really beautiful property.....they have different wings that are situated around a small little lake.....there is a beautiful swimming pool....horses, golf, and many other  activities....we're lucky to be able to spend time here.....
We went to the Cheyenne zoo which is the only mountain zoo. It's a really nice zoo with the giraffe feeding, grizzly bears, a moose, snakes, hippos, etc. they have a chairlift that  you can ride up to the top to see the beautiful zoo. It was a fun activity. Then on Tuesday it was time to take them to grandma Connie's and I continued on to Slc for cedars first birthday!