Wednesday, April 23, 2014

what a dream!

from new!!!
last year i blogged a bit about my kitchen remodel....but, i never really went into full old kitchen was great....very cozy...cute....comfortable....but too small...if there was too many people in it...we were all on top of each other.....
original kitchen......(click on pictures to make larger)
so, i talked to my fantastic contractor, mike contractor ever!!! and we came up with a new design..the kitchen designer, mark, and mike and i all got together and was fun, yet a little scary to plan...
in january 2013 i packed everything away...for the next 6 months...the kitchen was walled up...had plastic everywhere..i had a make shift kitchen in my family microwave and a little cupboard...refrigerator in the was make do...but, it worked...the grandkids loved was like playing house.....
the guys came in and ripped the kitchen to shreds....down to the studs....moved a couple of walls, raised the ceiling to the roofline....moved windows, doors, ripped everything away...and then they were off!  i had come up with the idea to flip flop my kitchen...because my old dining area was larger than my kitchen, by moving the living room wall (18") and the old kitchen wall (22"), it really added space...which you wouldn't ever think!!!
i love it when builders come and start ripping things apart! it's always so exciting...i love the whole process.....
ripping it out!
so, in the next couple of months i chose the appliances, the cabinets, the tile, the granite, the flooring, the finish on the name it...we chose lighting....and it's bright and i love it! i had help from all mike and all his subcontractors, they have a lot of experience and great taste! a lot of choices that make you wonder if it will all come of the hardest things was getting the right finish on my cabinets....i don't like shiny!  on my granite (honed) or on the makes them look too new...we lucked out with our cabinet stainers....they came up with a beautiful finish...they have a shop, but, had to do most of it at my about 4 pm for a couple of weeks, they would show up every night to work on the was a 14 step process....alot of work...they wore masks....had a huge fan so the fumes wouldn't get them!!!!
Finally, at the end of may it was all finished!!! woo hoo!  i was able to move back in and decorate...put my house back together....because of course it turned out to be more than a kitchen project...our house had oak paneling in the living room and down the halls and when we put the new walls up, we took all the oak down...i'm going for a mediterranean look, they plastered the walls a white, like the kitchen, stained all the doors dark ..had to rebuild a few bookcases, bathroom cabinets turned out gorgeous!!!! i love it!!!!
almost done
a bit of the rest
when i walk into my kitchen i just think how much i love's so much fun to have people over now...there is so much more room, it's so's perfect!

                                                                              finished product
..the guys did such a fantastic job!  thanks, mike and crew!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

happy happy birthday!

                                                            i still have my cheeks from when i was little.....
                                         beautiful flowers from marty and dee

                                  shopping fun
                                                 i was able to blow it out!

it was my birthday on thursday!! a fun day,made fun by all my friends and family....i had many, many calls, cards etc....kristen, baby russ and i went to lunch and did a bit of shopping...that evening big russ, kristen and i went to dinner and the day and the start of a brand new year for me!!! thanks everyone for making it a special day......

it was quick!

last weekend i flew for a really quick trip to slc...kathy fryer's mom passed away so i flew up for the was a super busy, fun weekend...over way too fast....started off with mitt and ann romney on my plane...yeah, i just fly with super stars!! haha...actually it was a small little plane out of there in the later afternoon...danece and allison came to visit about 8 pm...we all went to dinner...sushi which was fantastic!  then we girls visited for a few more hours...i had to kick them out at 3 am....thats a lot of talking!!! and i loved every minute....saturday i was exhausted...we went to the mall....kerry's friend danielle and nate came to stay as they were going to conference...the boys went to priesthood ....i went a bit later to see polly, jim, our cousins, jeri and clayton who were also in town for was a fun visit...sunday we watched conference...lazed around...we went up to the fryer's for a delicious lunch....then, went to visit nathan and tayler and new baby remy...they are cute little parents with a darling baby....later we went to the viewing, it was fun to see a lot of old friends....monday morning i went to breakfast with my cousin mare who was in town for another friends father's funeral.....went to the was very sweet...met the kids for lunch and shopping...had a quick dinner and flew and fast....saw a lot of friends...did a lot in a short time...a great weekend!

                                                                     lots of  babies!    cedar and wren
                                                                          julian, cedar and wren

Saturday, March 29, 2014


march roared in like a lion...and is leaving like a was super fun and busy at the first of the month....kerry, austin and cedar came for 10 days during their spring break...nonstop action....then they left....and that's when march turned into a lamb....just sort of normal and boring....while kerry and austin were here we....went to dinner a lot..we got some delicious street tacos one night...

                                                             baby russie and his favorite friend sophie

                                                                           baby cousins

street tacos


..had some family dinners at home...watched movies on tv...did a lot of shopping....went to the beach for some gorgeous days...almost better than summer...had a few bbq's with friends and family...went to disneyland....cedar came down with pneumonia....poor baby!  the cousin babies played...and the bigger cousins met us at was a great's always so sad when they leave...i love having visits from any and all of my kids!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


i'm not kidding when i say we haven't had a winter....we've had gorgeous 75 degrees and up, up, up since before christmas....i'm sorry to say this to those that live in snowy, frozen's been a gorgeous winter...probably better than last summer....but, of course the downside of this is that we are in a drought...which is no bueno.....but, that all changed in the last few days...since wednesday night it's rained and rained and then rained some more....of seems like we can't just go halfsies....when we get rain, we get a lot...but, it's wonderful...maybe it will put a dent in our drought, maybe the hills will turn's wonderful to hear that noise of pitterpatting...or in our case it was more like a faucet was turned on and never turned off for 3 days...but, we'll take what we can get!!! i love it!!! plus, maybe the dogs will go outside again....they sure are spoiled!!

Friday, February 21, 2014


I've been  visiting cedar and his is just a miracle to watch these little ones.  He has been learning to crawl and more importantly, to stand.  It's just amazing to watch him as he goes through all the motions.  You can just see his little mind whirling.  He has a great purpose and fantastic concentration!  I just hope he can keep it! He works to a kneeling position, then he grasps the table....he puts one foot on the floor, then another and pulls himself up.  He's so thrilled when he's done it. He's trying to move between objects, but realized that the jumper was too wobbly. What a miracle life is and especially the sweet babies!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

mlk weekend

kerry and austin had a few days off of they jetted down here for a quick visit....always a lot of fun....
we saw mama mia....which is one of my favorite plays!
we had a great beach day...lots of babies...beautiful, gorgeous weather....celebrated ashley's big birthday!  went to the park, drove up to ventura for a great lunch....movies, food, what else can you ask for?  fun times....
                                                                             it was ashley's 25th birthday, so we celebrated with a bbq at her mom's

                                                                                                                 baby russ 'chillaxin'
                                                                                                                            park day

                                                                                                                        saying bye

Thursday, January 16, 2014


we had a great christmas...crazy, busy, fun....and then....the whole family met up in hawaii for some rest and relaxation....just what santa ordered......the first few days i chilled on the lounge....not wanting to think or was perfect....the kids did activities...and i chilled some more....i think my brain was in overload so i couldn't do one more thing...the hotel had a party on new year's eve....we watched from our balconies...they had a band with a terrible singer...she droned on and on...but, they had fantastic to years day we headed over to the north shore and met up with the hannemann family....went to the beach...they gave us a private party at their fantastic restaurant called "seven brothers" was delicious....the next day russ went surfing with shem and brought andrea, tams and ira back to visit...then, shem came and we went to dinner at the aulani resort which was next was delicious...but, we had the only rain of the trip that night..and it poured....they rushed us inside and took really good care of was a heavenly trip....and i need to go back!
                                                             the older kids really love those babies
                                                                                      a few of them went to pearl harbor to check it out...
                                                                                                           new year's eve party in my room.....
                                                             beach and dinner with the hannemanns
willie and kelly went to the pcc and then more swim time

Friday, December 20, 2013

christmas.....getting ready

it's been a crazy month.....busy, busy....decorating, parties, helping kelly recover, a very quick trip back to denver (one day) (i LOVE amazon!) all that are some pics....