Saturday, October 11, 2014

getty villa

last week i flew home from utah with some special passengers....niels and danece were coming down to surprise his sister that was visiting from denmark....they had planned to surprise her at the getty villa!  they invited me's in malibu and it's a gorgeous setting.  overlooks the was a gorgeous here's a few pics....

Friday, October 10, 2014

a few days of fall in utah!

On the 3rd weekend in September, our whole family met together for a last hurrah with kerry, austin and cedar!
we got together in park city, utah....we stayed at a hugemongous house up had 10 bedrooms, 10 baths, big living area....the grandkids were so excited....and the best of it...there was an they were pumped!  although, i had to put in a rule, immediately that the little kids good only go in the elevator with an adult...that kept them from constantly using it!

kids at the house

we did a lot of activities that i've never done....friday was the first day....everyone arrived (after russ and kris missed their flight and had to stay overnight in a hotel), we took off walking for the park city resort.....once there, the kids did the alpine slide....they loved it...we ate burgers at the little shack right there at the bottom...(before we left, i had everyone take a meal, to either cook or just decide where to go eat),

                                                                                                                   park city resort

then, we hoofed it down the road, hopped in our cars and drove to midway to the homestead.  once there, we swam in the hot mineral crater that is was really fun....the kids loved it....that night we finished off with dinner at maxwell's pizza....

                                                                                                   owen and tommy climbing the crater

saturday after a breakfast of thinnies, we went to the olympic park...that was really fun...they have alpine slides, zip lines and a ropes course....the kids loved it...and they could do things over and over again....kristen faced her fears and went down the zip time!

saturday night we had a party of friends and family to say good bye to the davis family!  it was crazy, loud, but really fun to see all those who could come...the kids had a blast with some new friends....
after a 2am bedtime...we got up, had breakfast, then we did the 'circle of love',' where everyone said one thing about kerry, austin and cedar...why they loved them, why they would miss them was really sweet...i love hearing my grandkids thoughts...we took 1 family picture ,finally! (my kids have an aversion to these)

and i'm glad we did because we were going to take one in the canyon and it poured!  then, we ended off the day by eating at bandits in park city....that was fun...once again, i love seeing the older grandkids having such a fun time together....that's what it's all about....

we drove home by way of guardsman's pass and down big cottonwood canyon...said our goodbyes to willie and kelly's family at the bottom, then, kelly lewis' family left a bit later...russ, kristen and i stayed until monday...we hung out and then picked up new iPhones!  woohoo!!!

fast forward a week.....i went back to utah for my niece, katie bagley's wedding...flew up early on monday morning...that night kerry and i went to a wedding dinner for katie and was really the joseph smith memorial building

                                                                                                               my brother tom and julie

polly and jim
marty and dee
...tuesday morning i drove down to the sl temple, the wedding was was beautiful....afterwards, polly and i went to visit my aunt ruth....she just lost her son howard to cancer. she is so strong...i decided i want to be like her when i grow up!!! she's almost 95 and so with it!! i'm amazed...

                                                                                        stole this picture from sarah and megan...gorgeous!
that night we went to the reception which was at the tuscany...they were so lucky, it poured for about an hour in the afternoon, but, turned out to be a lovely was a really nice party for them....

                                                                                           stole these pictures from sarah and megan...gorgeous!
the rest of the week i just hung out with kerry and austin and cedar...
we went to the zoo with whitney and wren...went to a lot of great restaurants....

it was a really fun time in utah, seeing the fall foliage was gave me a hint of fall....i came home to 100 degree weather!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


tomorrow we have to leave this beautiful place....costa rica is really beautiful...this area is the dryer part of costa rica, but, it still seems really green to me...we've had a wonderful finish out the week....on wednesday we had a taxi (in a Huge van), take us into the town of's a little costa rican town...pretty touristy because it has great surfing beaches...we had lunch, wandered a bit, saw the beach etc....took the drive back where we saw a lot of farms, skinny cows, some nice houses, some not as to see the area

....on thursday, we took a private boat out for the afternoon...that was fantastic....i love water and i love boats!! so perfect....they drove us around to see the area and then because it was really choppy, they took us to a nice bay where we could play....there was snorkeling, they knee boarded, paddle boarded...the water was amazingly a nice bath tub...the babies loved it...we also saved a lady from canada that was having a bit of a panic attack while snorkeling....all in all, a fun day!! russ finishd out his week of surfing...the boat would take him to different spots every morning...yesterday was cool and cloudy, but, we still hung out i had a fantastic massage...then watched russie, while russ and kris had theirs...then it started pouring...after lunch we went to the kids club to let the babies play....swam afterwards...had a nice dinner...and now have to sad to leave this gorgeous place!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

kerry's 25th birthday!!

i wanted to interrupt this trip post to celebrate kerry's 25th birthday!!! woo hoo!!! i can't believe my baby is 25!  a quarter of a century!  where has the time gone?  i feel like it's flown by...i also feel like kerry should still be living with me...but, instead she lives with austin and cedar!! are a fantastic that i'm so proud have accomplished so much in your're so beautiful...talented. you seem to pick up to talents all the, candle making, flower arranging, painting, rock climbing're never afraid to try something new!
                                                                going place spain
                                                                          loves to hang out
                                                                           smart mouse
                                                                           cute mom're artistic, smart, creative, fun, a great wife, a wonderful mom, and a fantastic daughter....i'm so grateful to have you in my life...that i can learn from's fun to watch you and austin with cedar...he's a lucky little boy to have you as his mom....keep up the great work...don't ever stop creating, learning, doing fun new are always striving to do something new...i love it!!! and i love you!! i'm a lucky mom.....thanks for being my friend you!!!