Saturday, August 9, 2014


tomorrow we have to leave this beautiful place....costa rica is really beautiful...this area is the dryer part of costa rica, but, it still seems really green to me...we've had a wonderful finish out the week....on wednesday we had a taxi (in a Huge van), take us into the town of's a little costa rican town...pretty touristy because it has great surfing beaches...we had lunch, wandered a bit, saw the beach etc....took the drive back where we saw a lot of farms, skinny cows, some nice houses, some not as to see the area

....on thursday, we took a private boat out for the afternoon...that was fantastic....i love water and i love boats!! so perfect....they drove us around to see the area and then because it was really choppy, they took us to a nice bay where we could play....there was snorkeling, they knee boarded, paddle boarded...the water was amazingly a nice bath tub...the babies loved it...we also saved a lady from canada that was having a bit of a panic attack while snorkeling....all in all, a fun day!! russ finishd out his week of surfing...the boat would take him to different spots every morning...yesterday was cool and cloudy, but, we still hung out i had a fantastic massage...then watched russie, while russ and kris had theirs...then it started pouring...after lunch we went to the kids club to let the babies play....swam afterwards...had a nice dinner...and now have to sad to leave this gorgeous place!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

kerry's 25th birthday!!

i wanted to interrupt this trip post to celebrate kerry's 25th birthday!!! woo hoo!!! i can't believe my baby is 25!  a quarter of a century!  where has the time gone?  i feel like it's flown by...i also feel like kerry should still be living with me...but, instead she lives with austin and cedar!! are a fantastic that i'm so proud have accomplished so much in your're so beautiful...talented. you seem to pick up to talents all the, candle making, flower arranging, painting, rock climbing're never afraid to try something new!
                                                                going place spain
                                                                          loves to hang out
                                                                           smart mouse
                                                                           cute mom're artistic, smart, creative, fun, a great wife, a wonderful mom, and a fantastic daughter....i'm so grateful to have you in my life...that i can learn from's fun to watch you and austin with cedar...he's a lucky little boy to have you as his mom....keep up the great work...don't ever stop creating, learning, doing fun new are always striving to do something new...i love it!!! and i love you!! i'm a lucky mom.....thanks for being my friend you!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

costa rica!

i'm in beautiful costa rica! russell, kristen, baby russ, kerry, austin, cedar and i are in costa rica for the week....we arrived on friday night....long flight made longer by a delayed plane....we arrived at the four seasons at about 10 pm...and went right to bed!
saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast...i went to the pool while the babies had their naps....afterwards they all joined me at the was a very relaxing day....not having to move much, unless in the warm water of the pool

....the kids took the babies on a walk around the resort....had a nice dinner...after dinner we went down to the beach where we lit floating lanterns and let them go into the sky...that was fun!

  afterwards, we looked for a movie to kerry, austin and russell played an artist game of who could draw the best picture in a minute...silly and fun....

this morning we had breakfast and went to the beach...our hotel is on a peninsula and because of that we have a bay on one side and the pacific on the other....very cool...the water is warm like bath problems walking into that!

we played at the beach...the boys went snorkeling...took the babies in the the afternoon we drove to the golf course and took a 'trail of the giants' tour....

we drove golf carts around the golf course and saw the animals that are in the jungle there...birds, monkeys, an animal called a was fun to do and started raining as we finished....later, i went and had a much needed, fantastic massage! kristen and kerry had treatments also...then, had a fun dinner at the bar...delcious food!  adios for now!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

dearest tom

july 4th, 5th and 6th are always a little hard for me.....this is the weekend of Tom.....
the 4th of july was his favorite holiday...right after christmas! he loved the simplicity of it....just having fun, barbecuing, watching the fireworks and being with friends and family.....we had a fun day and night yesterday..had family to swim....had a great bbq and watched some great fireworks.....the 5th is always so hard because that day, 15 years ago...tom passed away....i think of him everyday...i miss him's always been so hard, as the kids have graduated, gotten married, had not have him around....i truly believe that he is watching over us...but, it is hard....even 15 years later....and then, of course, july 6th is tom's birthday!  so, we try to celebrate every year...tonight i was telling gavin stories of his grandpa....tom was a fantastic man...he had a great work ethic...he was going to be the best at whatever he did.....he was funny....people loved him....he could say and do things that would get everyone else in trouble...but, he got away with it....he was so generous...loving and giving to's always fun to hear of the guys he worked with, that still tell his stories....i was truly blessed to have him in my life....he was a wonderful man...a great husband....not quite a saint! but, maybe he's on his're always in my thoughts.....have i told you lately that i love you?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

cedar's 1st birthday!

after colorado, i flew for a quick trip to celebrate cedar's first birthday!  it was a fun quick stop....we went to the concert on tuesday night...then, spent wednesday getting ready for the party.....kerry and austin had it all planned out...we had a fun bbq with a lot of friends and was a beautiful summer night....cedar was really into his cake.....he slowly started eating it...then, just kept at it....he took a few bigger handfuls....but, slowly, slowly he ate the whole was pretty big also!  he is growing into such a fun little boy....his hair is still red but i'm scared that it will soon turn blond...his roots are blond...he has such blue, blue eyes....he's started walking...has to think about it a bit....he is very, very busy...never stops it seems....starting to say a few is so fun to watch him grow!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Emmy Lou


A few weeks ago kerry mentioned that Emmy Lou Harris was going to be in town while I was there for cedars b-day bash. So we got tickets. It was up at red butte gardens amphitheater. A gorgeous site right by the mountains. polly and jim, kerry and austin  came with me We brought a picnic for dinner and our chairs. Only thing we didn't think of was that as soon as the sun went down it turned cold! It a few sweatshirts saved us!! A fun evening. Fun kickoff to summer!

colorado with the grands




i'm in colorado springs with kelly and willies' kids for a few days....they have jetted off to paris! so i'm tending for half of the time....i decided it would be more fun for the kids and me to go to a hotel...we're staying at the broadmoor hotel and it's's an old hotel in the hills of colorado was built in 1918 and is on a really beautiful property.....they have different wings that are situated around a small little lake.....there is a beautiful swimming pool....horses, golf, and many other  activities....we're lucky to be able to spend time here.....
We went to the Cheyenne zoo which is the only mountain zoo. It's a really nice zoo with the giraffe feeding, grizzly bears, a moose, snakes, hippos, etc. they have a chairlift that  you can ride up to the top to see the beautiful zoo. It was a fun activity. Then on Tuesday it was time to take them to grandma Connie's and I continued on to Slc for cedars first birthday!