Monday, February 15, 2010

last days of heaven

last tuesday, the girls left cabo (: but then kelly came with her kids ):
we had a fun time for a few days...unfortunately one day was cool and cloudy, but that didn't stop us from being at the pool...the kids love the water and can stay in it all was a fun few days...the weather ended up gorgeous...a great end to a fun trip...can't wait to go again!!
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Monday, February 8, 2010

cool day

we had a great day today....started off early at the pool...where we talked, read, talked, swam around...enjoyed the last full the late afternoon we had some spa treatments...kathie, a facial...alison, a scrub...larene and i decided to go for 'a cooling wrap', which i'll tell you about...first they had us put on these paper little swim suits...we were cracking up...then, we both had to get into this jacuzzi and soak for 15 min....did i mention it was freezing???? it was really cold...hence, the cooling part...then larene left for her room...i stayed in the room we were in, which was an outdoor had a nice 'cool' breeze coming, i layed down on the table where she put this goopy aloe stuff on me and then wrapped me in a sheet, towels, then plastic...did i mention i'm a bit clausophobic??? anyway...then she proceeded to goop up my face...after doing that, she poured cold, cold water all over me!! i thought i'd die....felt like i was being tortured...i was just trying not to be shaking all over...especially when that nice breeze came through...she painted my face for awhile...then, scrubbed my head, then massaged my feet...that was's funny when you think how great it is that the masseuse has warm hands...i was a little tense because i was afraid she would pour more water on me...luckily, she didn't.....after about 50 minutes of this bliss...she had me go into a warm shower...heaven!! it was hot!!! the rest was a nice massage...larene and i had some good laughs after...when they said it was a 'cooling' wrap, they really meant it!!! so, read the fine print!! tonight we went to a fun mexican was great...then, our waiter started doing magic tricks, with a wine bottle, toothpicks and fork and spoon...then, disappearing tricks with coins...he was pretty good...we then went shopping for food at the, everyone's reading their books....tomorrow the girls leave and kelly and her kids are coming for a few more, they are sad, but, i get to stay...yea!!
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

fun days

sunny days...warm,talk,talk...just what we need....
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Friday, February 5, 2010

loving it...

it's a gorgeous day in cabo...and we never stopped talking...haven't read my book's been such a fun time...and this was only day 1!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i'll be talking

remember when i had Nothing to talk about (it was only 2 days ago)..
well, there will be Plenty of talking going on for the next few days...
i'm meeting up with some great talkers..

for a little sun...
a ton of  fun, alot of relaxing
 and mucho talking...see you later!

Monday, February 1, 2010


do you ever feel like  you have absolutely nothing to say?  that's how i've felt's not that i haven't been doing anything...i've actually been pretty just doesn't seem very exciting...guess it's those january blahs...well, january is over and done with and we're on to february which in california is usually the start of spring!!! it's green and pretty from all of our rain...the trees start blooming, but we still see snow on the's one of the nicest times to be in, it's a short little month...before you know it, we will be in march...and then, it's almost summer...which i onward we go! and for all of you that live anywhere other than this paradise called california...enjoy february...spring will be there in a few months!!