Thursday, April 29, 2010

eagle island

yesterday we left khwai river...before leaving we went on our last game drive with leopard..he was driving pretty slow, then heard that there were some lions spotted somewhere, so we took off...we went into the bush and it's crazy when you go into the bush here...they drive over bushes, trees, anything that gets in the way...thought we were goners at certain points...but, we never saw the lions...just paw, we flew down to eagle's in the middle of a ookorngoo delta...surrounded by water, so instead of drives you go on boats...last night we saw alot of hippos...our guide got us pretty close to them....the way they go under the water and pop up is sort of scary and creepy...and they move fast also...speaking of hippos, i guess at night they sometimes come up by our tents...we heard them leaving this morning...we saw baboons in the trees by our tent..early this morning we went out in the boat, then went to this area where they have mekora boats or canoes...we got in them and went into a more shallow area of the delta...i love it when they say 'keep your arms, hands etc. in the boat, the reeds are sharp and can cut you'...then, as we floated, there were so many reeds hitting my face and all these knat flies that are all over...spiders, webs, we saw teeny tiny frogs..yesterday we found a green one on the boat, about 1/2 in. the kids named him pogo...when we got to another island we got out and went for a was cool, we've seen the animals, but, now we were on the same level...we saw a tree full of baboons...they all came down, staring at us...the oldest and biggest wast about 10 ft. away from us...then we saw zebras, wild beasts, and impalas...we saw temite hills that are taller than they go down in the earth another 30 ft....we were told the locals dry the termites, grind them up and eat them!, it was a fun morning..right now wer'e going on a helicopter more later!

this afternoon we went for a helicopter ride over the was beautiful...the delta is formed from a river, that’s like the arm, then the delta is the fingers...from the air it looks like there are many, many golfcourses...but, it’s really all marsh lands...the water is so clear...we saw hippos and you could see every bit of them...we saw giraffes, wild beasts, zebras, impalas, was really neat to see them from the air...after brunch we went to the pool since it was a gorgeous the afternoon for our game ride we went on a party type boat with another couple from was fun to talk to them...they were also at our last lodge...they are on their honeymoon...he surprised her, until they were going to the airport she didn’t know where they were was a nice time..we saw alot of hippos, eagles, other birds...then, back and after about an hour...dinner...they feed you alot in these camps...early morning tea or hot chocolate at 6 am....after the game drive...breakfast/brunch, after the free time...lunch/tea, after the night time game ride, dinner...non stop, plus they give you a snack on the game drives...this camp has been fun because of the water aspect..only problem, so many, many mosquitos!! my feet are a mess!!! oh well...that’s the price you pay....tomorrow after our last game ride we’ll fly to a little town called maun, then catch a flight to joburg...then onto mozambique the next day!
well, we made to joburg...took a plane from eagle island to maun...then to joburg...tomorrow our last stop...bazaruto...

Monday, April 26, 2010

khwai river sun/mon

today was a slow day....started raining in the night...for being the dry season, we’ve sure had alot of rain! we were supposed to get up at 5:30 for our game drive...but, it was pouring, then kerry started throwing up...don’t know if she has the flu or if it’s from eating, we all slept in...she’s been sick all day...they’ve been very helpful...they gave her some pills, then a shot to stop the far it’s i’ve just been hanging out with her...we also had 2 big spiders, and now a squirrel in our room...guess we are camping! i can hear hippos outside...that’s stopped raining about 12 so russ went on the afternoon game drive...hope he sees some animals...well, more later...

russ saw a big herd, maybe 50 elephants on their drive...he said is was fun to see so is monday...kerry is better...we all got up for the game was a bit slow...our guide, leopard, says it's because of the rain, the animals don't have to come to the watering holes...but, we saw elephants, croc, lizard, eagles..a cool hippo skeleton, jackal...we also saw a village..houses are made of tin cans and mud...a big truck was stuck on a wooden log bridge, guess it was too heavy...leopard says people camp in the park...they have tents that open on the top of their cars and they sleep up there! that's all for now...

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


today is saturday the 24th...we woke up early and drove to the border of zambia, it’s on the’s a border that has 4 countries...zambia, botswana, zimbabwe and namibia, we then got on a little speed boat to go across the river to that border, after showing our passports, we had to step on some muddy step and step’s to check for hoof and mouth disease? couldn’t quite understand that...we then drove to the airport, where we got into a little 6 seater plane with a pilot that looked younger than kerry and he flew us to our lodge...the khwai river’s on the river delta...a tented lodge again..but, they are all a bit different...we layed out for awhile...the first real sunny day we’ve had....all got burned...then this afternoon went out on a game drive...sort of slow though...we didn’t see many animals...hope it picks up tomorrow...we did see a ton of impalas...they have a marking on their rears that looks like an ‘m’, they saw that impalas are the lions ‘mcdonalds’...saw wart hogs, a huge old elephant that looked like he wanted to charge us as he walked toward us...a hopefully tomorrow we’ll see alot more...

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victoria falls

today we arrived in livingstone, zambia....named after livingstone, the’s where victoria falls is...we are staying at a tented lodge about 20 min. away on the zambezi’s a beautiful river, the river that goes over the falls, so we’re on the backside of the falls...our room looks out over the’s cool...made of tent fabric...but the walls are solid, nothing can get in through them...bedroom in front, bathroom with outdoor shower, then a bedroom in the a front deck...after which we had a snack of beef pita...the pita was homemade and cooked in their pizza oven (k.f. that’s for you), we went on a boat cruise up the i’s beautiful..on one side is zambia and the other is zimbabwe...we saw a crocodile sitting there, hippos in the water...birds of course, i guess they have great fishing, we saw about 8 elephants down at the water...antelope...alot of you go up the river you can see in the distance a cloud, but, it’s not a cloud, it’s water from the amazing...tomorrow we’ll go see them...on the way back from the cruise it started drizzling...not too bad...they had drinks set up on the banks of the river...right as we got back to the lodge the skies opened! it was a huge drenching storm with major lightening and thunder...we seem to be bringing it with rained and rained for about 45 min...the lights went out, luckily they have a generator...dinner was served...there are only about 8 guests here, so we all sat together along with the was delicious...and fun to talk to the others...a girl traveling on her own from the phillipines and a couple from, it’s been a great day...only thing is...the internet connection was lost in the storm!

today is friday and we had a busy day...the morning started off with another HUGE much water...unreal...finally it stopped enough so we could leave...the roads here are all dirt, they were really flooded...i can’t believe we got we headed towards victoria falls spans the gorge between zambia and zimbabwie...the kids got up the nerve to do the activites there...they first went on a tandem swing out across the gorge, then they went bungee jumping...i was proud of both of them...they are both afraid of heights and this was about 365 was a LONG way down! first russ went, he did great...bounced and bobbed all around..came up with a smile on his face...then, kerry went...she screamed the whole time...i was actually surprised she jumped off...but she did great..says never again! after that we drove over to the falls...the victoria falls are the 2nd in the world...the widest in the world...they have this spray of water that you can see from miles looks like a huge we walked down to the river above the falls...that’s the great thing about a country like rules, no barriers etc...we could have jumped in and dove over...then we walked down to the front of the! it’s amazing..we had a double layer of ponchos on...our guide said we would get wet...and was he right! we would have been soaked..there was so much water floating around..that spray from the water was like a major rainstorm...we saw the falls from different angles..our guide told us that right now there is so much water that you can’t see the falls in need to come in oct. when the river is’s amazing to see...we came back to the hotel for lunch, then about an hour later went out for an afternoon game drive...i think our first lodge, tintswalo, ruined us...there was some cool animals...crocs, hippo, giraffe, storks etc...but, i felt like we were on a bus the other lodge i felt like we were hunting them was nice though...we have been together with 3 other guests (a couple from switzerland and a girl from the phillipines), they are very nice, fun to talk, tomorrow we got to botswana to another lodge...we’ll see how that goes!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sunday and monday at tintswalo

sunday afternoon
monday morning
russell's 'guest'

these posts were written over a few internet to speak, it's pretty long...

what a day we had’s sunday the 18th...i’m writing this and then will have to post it tomorrow...we have no internet in our rooms...guess we’re roughing it!!! haha...not at all....anyway, we left capetown at 10 am and flew to neuspirit...we were met at the baggage and then we got on a small little plane...a 4 seater! it was our first light aircraft flight...we flew up and over the the hills and mountains..then, it got flatter...a few paved roads, mostly dirt roads...after about 1/2 hour, we landed on a dirt runway...we were met by the people from tintswalo lodge, we got in the land cruiser after having a drink of juice and drove to the lodge.on the way we saw a few water buffalo..we are staying in this beautiful’s got 2 bedrooms, living and kitchen, outdoor deck with a plunge pool...thatch roof and stone walls.outside it’s all bush, there’s an electric sort of fence to keep elephants out of our area!’s really nice...we’re sort of off from the main lodge, we haven’t seen it yet...and that’s where the internet is...after getting settled our butler (when we told them we didn’t drink, he couldn’t believe it!)and cook (!) gave us a delicious lunch, we then had an hour to kill before our first game drive...we went out about 4pm for the afternoon game drive...i guess you go early in the morning and late we’re in a re-fitted land cruiser...sort of and indiana jones type car...there is the driver, and a spotter sits on the front..we’re in the, we drive along and first we see more water buffalo, they were wallowing in a pool of mostly mud...guess they love it...then we saw a herd impala (like antelope), we drove along and on their radio they heard about a leopard sighting, so we drove to it, down twisty dirt roads, we have to bend over to not get hit by tree branches or spider webs...we got to the area, the spotter saw a cub, we didn’t..they were making their own roads, just driving anywhere they could...unreal...we left and drove awhile, we saw some cheetas, they haven’t been in this area for a few months...gorgeous animals...then we saw a herd of elephants walking to a watering hole...then some hippos in a big pond of water..we also saw birds, rabbits,monkeys and a vulture.a bit later we stopped for a drink and treats..russ told me that he thought he was allergic to the bug spray, was having a reaction....i’m getting the idea that we mostly eat here! and it’s really great food! as we were driving back we saw a hyena, he is also not seen very we lucked out....came home to a delicious dinner served out on the deck...could very easily get used to this..more later...

it’s monday afternoon in africa...last night we had a huge lightening and thunder storm...really lit up the sky, all night long...then it started pouring really our morning game drive was postponed...about 7 am russ woke up to a new friend! we thought it was a tarantula, but they said it was a baboon was on the outside netting of his bed...looking in! lots of creepy crawlies’s one of the poisonous types that are here...great! we then got ready for our ride...for about an hour we saw nothing...driving driving...but, then we saw a water buck, looks like our deer, then we saw elephants, rhinos, giraffes, wild beasties, monkeys, zebras, hogwarts, it was really don’t see them all together, you just drive to spots and hopefully spot them...afterwards we came home to our breakfast which we eat with our guide...he’s a great guy...knows so much, really nice...then we have the afternoon to kill, so we had spa treatments...lunch...they just keep feeding you rained this afternoon, but is clearing up now...this morning we were slipping and sliding all’s really an adventure ride...more later...
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tuesday, wednesday in tintswalo

tuesday morning
tues. afternoon
tues. night

i never saw a tree i couldn’t drive over!
today (tues,) we got up at 5:30 to go on the game drive...we were hunting lion and’s hard to find these animals, they look for tracks and then listen for different we drove and drove around this we drove we saw impala, zebras, gnu (a dumb animal they told us), elephant, giraffes etc..when we saw tracks they would stop the car, fix the 4 wheel drive on the tires, and we would take off! off we would go carving our own road..driving over anything that’s in our way...we bend down to miss being swiped by trees, bushes and spiderwebs...they have huge at least 2 inch spiders in them..our tracker has his trusty branch that he swipes the webs with but, if he doesn’t we duck! we saw termite hills...they are at least 5 ft tall and take many years to’s pretty cool so early in the morning but we are given blankets and hot water bottles to keep us warm...every once in a while we run across another car and the guides stop to chat...we didn’t see the lions or leopards...our guide is going out to look for more tracks...he thinks he know where a pride of about 15 lions might hopefully we’ll see them this the meantime, we are going to a local village to see some of the tribal life...

on tuesday after our game drive we went to a nearby village to see what their lifestyle is’s a little village built of brick type houses...the richest man in town has 19 donkeys...everyone rents them to do work since they don’t have cars...we went to the school...we went into every grade, visited with the children...they were all very nice...wanted to show us what they were working on...they don’t have much to work with, old books, magazines etc...but, they all can speak girl did a dance, sort of a hiphop dance...some boys did a little tribal dance, using a chair as a drum...we then went to the youngest class...what dolls! they sang about 5 songs for cute...afterwards we went to the chiefs house...he’s 87 had 2 wives but one died...the ladies of his family did some tribal to watch...then our guide joined in and then they made each of us get up and dance with times...
this afternoon we went back out on the game drive...driving and driving, looking for lions...we drove to the far side of the park...we heard some lions and saw their tracks, but could not find them...then we drove to the other side of the was dark and our guides were about to give up, when around a corner in the middle of the road was a pride of lions! about 7 lions...they were so cool to see...the guides told us as long as we sit still, don’t stand up in the car, the lions won’t do anything to one point we were surrounded by them...sort of freaky...they can jump pretty actually dove for a rabbit that headed towards our was really neat...and worth all the driving tomorrow, our last drive here...hopefully we’ll see a leopard...

this morning (wed) got up at 5:30 again, greeted by eric our guide..he had made hot chocolate for us with a bisquit...then off to the car with our hot water was cold this’s rained every night, luckily not during the day except for some sprinkles today..we’re driving around and all of the sudden we stop...he’s noticed leopard tracks..2 of them, so we take off in the bush...we are ducking trees, spiders and webs...all of the sudden, we’re stuck! finally, we get out...we hear the leopard we’re off again...we’re stuck 2 more times...the third time we had just seen the leopard through the least kerry did...but, we got stuck on an old log...finally another guide brought his car over and pulled us out...we chased the leopard for awhile, but, never found it....after we lost it, eric started showing us different plants as we drove...a poisonous tree that has a latex type substance inside that will blind’s branches can’t be used for fires, they are poisonous also...the bush that when you strip the bark and smash the branch down, it makes a toothbrush like thing...then we found wild mint, for is also good for coughs, asthma...the tree branch that if you eat the leaves (nasty) it helps heartburn...and when you strip all the leaves away, you can twist it into a rope...very strong....also the good luck’s very soft leaves are used for baby’s is considered good luck to carry with can also be use for toilet paper! we also saw more rhinos, zebras, gnu--eric thinks they are dumb and that they have the zebras stripes, the head of a buffalo, the legs of impala...put together with all the ‘left over’ parts, he says! we also saw alot of, we’re leaving now to go to johannesburg or joburg as they call it...then onto zambia tomorrow’s been amazing here...
when i think about traveling, i love to see different see how people live...i love to learn about different hear different accents and different ways of doing things...the world is so amazing and different, but when it all comes down to it...everyone wants the same thing...we all want our families to be safe, healthy and happy...we all have the same issues in life...whether it is in california or south africa...we worry about our children and hope they’ll grow up into good’s fantastic to see that we are all very different, but so much the same...that's my little philosophy for the moment...well, tomorrow we leave for victoria falls...not sure if we'll have internet, hopefully!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

robben island and the townships

today we learned about aparteid (segregation) and the hardships the poor have in capetown..we went on a boat early this morning to robben has been a prison for hundreds of years...but most famous for being the prison that nelson mandela was's not to far from can see the city from there...the life the prisoners lived was terrible...they worked in a lime pit...digging out the lime...for hours and hours...many of them went blind from the glare...they had cells that were about 5 by 7 feet...tiny places...they could only lay on the mats at night..not during the day...and these political prisoners were there for years and years...mandela was in prison for 27 years...unreal! after a lunch by the docks we went on a tour of the city...but more a inner city tour...we went to see some beautifully painted houses, a nice area of town...then went to district area that people were moved out of so that the whites could live there...they were just reassigned places to live in townships...we went to the distrct 6 museum which showed how people tried to find each other by leaving messages for each other...then, we drove to the townships..there are 11 in capetown...not a pretty sight...some have little tiny houses, there are also apartments, and shacks made of running water or toilets in some...we walked around, the little children are very cute and were after russ.....we then were invited to go up to one of the apartments...unreal! it's a main common room and has about 4 each bedroom they 'rent' their each room there are 3 beds...2 couples in each bed, kids sleep on the they have a tiny stove in the room...there were 16 families living in this apartment! hard to believe! we then drove around to some other townships..some were single family very small 2 bedroom homes...others were the tin shacks...we were told that you can order one of these shacks, it can be built in a day for 1000 rand...thats about $142.00! the nice ones had doors on them, one had curtains, most had no doors or windows.. it's a different life and makes me grateful for the one i have...tomorrow we leave to start our safari! that should be exciting!
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Friday, April 16, 2010

day at the cape

i made 3 different collages break up what we was a real busy day..but first, guess we we're really lucky that we left london on wednesday night because thursday morning the airport was closed because the icelandic volcanoe that went we're happy we made it we went to a little fishing town...we then got on a ferry boat that took us to see the seals on seal was fun to see them laying around...when we got back there was a big seal on a boat, i guess the fisherman has fed him for 27 years and the seal just hangs out there...a nice life for him...then we went to table mountain and took the cable car to the top...that was fun, the cable car turned as we went up, giving us 360 degree view...up on top, i thought it would be flat, because it looks flat from far away...but, it isn''s got alot of vegetation, rocks etc...very pretty and beautiful views...we saw a rock rabbit that has scary teeth..looks more like a gopher, but our guide said it is closely related to elephants! weird...afterwards, we drove down the cape to a penguin reserve, we saw the little penguins laying in the sand, waddling to the water...afterwards we drove to the cape of good hope...that is the farthest point south in africa!!! it's where all the boats go around and there are many sunken ships because of the churning is also where the indian ocean and atlantic ocean meet, the warm waters colliding with the cold causes the waters to be really was really we drove back we saw a family of baboons...they live in that area, guess they will come after you if you have food and don't give it to we stayed away! so a very fun day, seeing the animals in and about capetown...our guide keeps talking about the world cup which will be starting soon, we saw the stadium where they'll play here..they'll also play in other cities...he says how crazy it will be...glad we're missing it...he says all the roads will be a parking lot...this is a beautiful city, very clean, the people remind me of australians...sort of laid back and really nice...a fun day....
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

capetown day 1

we went around capetown's a beautiful spot..alot like california...
we saw table mountain, that's the famous flat topped mountain here, but it was too
windy for us to go up to it...we went to a famous garden and then a was
founded in the 1600's, so it's pretty old...we went to the beach's gorgeous with the mountains
off to the side...there are the mountains called 'the 12 apostles' it was blue skies, but the wind
was so strong, you could hardly stand was a fun time and tomorrow there will be alot more...
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we made it!!! we're in capetown, south africa...amazing that i'm in africa....the trip over was long....9 hours to london, a 3 hour wait (wasn't too bad, we were in the virgin lounge and they had showers and free massages (20 min), manicures pass the time), then a 12 hour flight to capetown...luckily we all slept a bit...we got in to our hotel at 8 am and the room wasn't we waited...then they suggested a spa treatment while we that was great...then we got to our room which is amazing...they upgraded us because of our wait...we have a 3 bedroom's even has a small kitchen so russ could cook his tuna that was almost, today we're off to see the city...i'll write more after that...

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

party on!

it's been a great week in slc...the sun even came out! lunch on friday with deb and sue,dinner with mollers,   had a great time last saturday with my friend deb and her family...haven't seen them for so long...sunday a great easter party with the despains, pollocks, taryn and justin, and of course my kids and grand babies...girls night on monday with abby and ash, lunch with my brothers and sisters on's been nonstop...playing with the kids all week.seeing kathy and steve's newly remodeled house.....friday night a newbury park reunion with a party for randy and jennifer..then today for my birthday, fun times..massages...then a great surprise party with so many of my favorite was really a great day...thanks to kerry, russ and kristen for putting it all together....and to all of my family and friends that were there...loved it!!! what a fun week....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

girls night

so, we're up for 'spring break' in utah...and it's still cold, snowy winter!  ashley p. maddox was visitng along with abby moller and both were told to stay here with us, because the weather was so bad, no one wanted them driving home (actually kerry would have to drive abby) we had a girls night...went to sushi...watched a movie.(after the little boys went to bed)...and they had fun painting the toes and nails of the youngest in the group!  charlie loved her pretty pink nails!  a fun time for all of us...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

mom and dad

happy 64th anniversary to the couple that started our family...
love and miss you both...thanks for being my parents...
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sir paul

tonight was a fantastic night.i saw my crush of many, many years...russ and kristen, larene and i went to see paul mccartney...kelly and jeff were supposed to go, but charlie was sick and fell and cut her they had to stay home :( sorry was wonderful...he played for almost 3 hours after song...oldies, new ones...great songs...he told how he wrote certain songs and was really entertaining...watching him was the greatest...watching the people around us made it that much more fun...the guy in front that thought he was in the band...the guy that brought his music was fun...a really great's amazing to think that he's been playing since i was in 2nd times.....thanks, paul.....