Thursday, June 24, 2010

russ and kelly

guess what we're celebrating this weekend?  that's right...russ and kelly's birthdays!  russ turns 25!!! tomorrow...and kelly is turning 32 on sunday!  when did my kids get older than me?  haha...well, i'll show you pics from the big days a bit later...this is the start of our birthdays in summer...we go until aug 5th...ending with kerry' happy birthday to you you soooooo much...


i think i forgot how to be a mother of small children...i was given the opportunity this week...and wow, i'm tired tonight...kelly and jeff's kids came to visit...and did we have fun...they are such fun to be with, but, i've forgotten about all the work involved...i had little charlie sleeping with me all week...she sure like s to snuggle...snuggle me right out of bed!  between her and sophie, i didn't stand a chance...sophie felt she had to sleep on the other side of charlie, i guess to protect her...but, i had to keep her paws off of charlie...we swam and swam and swam...those boys love to swim and are fishes...gavin was learning to dive...his belly flops didn't sound so great, but up he'd come and try again...owen wasn't into the diving but he loves to be in the pool...we saw 'toystory' also, they loved it and so did i...gavin is also 'in love' with russ' friend kristen...i think he would follow her anywhere...he was trying to get her to have a picnic with him...told her that her hair is pretty, wanted a kiss!  what a cute thing to watch and kris is a great sport...all the babies love her..they jumped on the tramp, watched movies, played with kerry and russ, and just kept really they went home this afternoon...the house is so quiet after having them was a fun few days...and my hat's off to you do a great job, day after glad you're young and can keep up...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Things to Come

these little messages are always great...they give you something to think about..just click and watch!

Good Things to Come

Monday, June 21, 2010

youth conference!!

it's been pretty crazy in the last week...was up in utah for a big wedding, then zipped home on thursday for youth turned out great..the kids loved it...on friday 8 am we all met at the church, assigned families and took off for malibu where we met with the fulcrum people...they have a camp that teaches problem solving, team building, group the camp they have a ropes course which includes a jacobs ladder, faith leap, high wire crossing, rock walls...they also played games on the was fun time for the end of the day we had dinner at the park...they changed, came back to the church for  a talent show and dance...we were all beat by the end of the day...i was working at making food for the conference so that kept us really busy...saturday we had classes, a service project in the afternoon, a big dinner, then a testimony meeting...everyone seemed to have a great time...after cleaning up, we crashed!! i could hardly walk on feet hurt pretty bad...but, luckily i've was well worth it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

more fun

a great day!  slc...laying out with some (not all) of my besties....lunch with them....pick up russell (barely)....dinner with some of my favorite family.....and more favs...our close friends... the whole reason we're up celebrate a great wedding...can't wait...

Monday, June 14, 2010

flag day is june's day

today is my mom's birthday...i wish she was here for me to give her a big hug...but, instead i'll just say a few things that she taught was a giver, always working hard helping others...she would make delicious dinners ( i think that's why tom married me, hoping i would cook like her) and then she would be jumping up and down serving everyone...i had to cure tom of 'that' idea immediately...she was artistic...she loved to sew clothes and would make the most beautiful dresses for all of us...she was a painter, she liked crafts, she made a beautiful home...inside and was warm and gracious and lovely to look at...she was willing to do just about anything...from killing spiders to going golfing with dad to shopping with the was alot of fun to be with...she was a great listener...i could call her with all of my problems and she always had great advice...she was always beautiful with a gorgeous big smile...i'm so lucky to have her for my mom...i just hope that i can take after a few of her many wonderful ways!

Monday, June 7, 2010

what was lost, then was found

we had a little drama today...russ took the dogs, sadie and sophie out for a run...
they went to the top of the mountain...on the way back, russ was in front and the dogs
were behind...sophie showed up, but sadie didn', he ran back to look for her...but, he never did find her...
when he got home and told us we then went looking...kerry and her friends hiked back up the trail, a runner
saw her but she was gone...russ and i drove over to the end of the trail where i dropped him off and he started looking again...i drove to another trailhead...everyone looked and looked...russ ran 15 miles looking for about 5 pm i went to the store and was starting to think that sadie was was very sad...driving up the street from the store i was on the phone when halfway up the street, THERE was sadie! walking up the street with her tongue dragging!  i was soooo happy...she hasn't moved since!  so, thanks to all those who searched for her...i'm glad she knew how to get home...who knows where she went...she came home the opposite way of leaving...i'm glad she made it back...


summer time, summer favorite time of year!  it started for me back in april when we went to africa...but, for our neck of the woods it's starting this week with the end of what's your plans for summer?  i have weddings, youth conference, holidays, birthdays,concerts, movies, weddings, birthdays, weddings, did i mention birthdays?  we have 6 birthdays in 6 weeks...that's just the family...then there are friends and extended family, that alone keeps me busy...then there are fun things like the beach, the pool, laying out in the get my drift...visits from the grandkids...pool parties...park days, i love summer and just barbecuing with friends.4th of july with the fireworks....just having a wonderful time...can't wait...and it usually goes way too fast...have a great summer! what's your favorite thing in summer?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

home away from home

ker and i just got back from 9 days in was a fun fun in fact, i stayed an extra 3 days....we went up for memorial see dave as he returned from his mission...heard him speak...he was great...we had a fun time with friends and family...i was able to see most of my favs up there...that's why i needed so many days...too many people i want to be with.....the weather got better every day..the flowers are in bloom, the mountains are green, it's beautiful! it's fun to hang out and have no that why i like to travel?  no place that  i "have" to be?  anyway, it sure is fun and hard to come home...although, as we drove along the coast, stopped at neptunes wasn't too bad!!