Monday, December 10, 2012

aunt marie

cousins with uncle mel and aunt jean (my dad's brother and sister)

austin, kerry and abby

marty and dee


tom and cousin george

cousins...gayle and jane

tyler, melanie and dylan

polly and me

megan, katie, sarah, and the hood!
when i was in salt lake last week, we found out that our aunt marie was very sick with pneumonia...i went to visit her on was sweet...on tuesday before i left, i went again and she was out of it...she passed away on thursday evening...aunt marie was my dad's youngest sister...she was a talented singer...she was in the mormon tabernacle choir for many, many, i flew back up to slc on saturday morning for the funeral..the one thing nice about funerals is that you get to see all of your family that you never see...saturday, we all met at polly's at talked about the aunt jean, from canada had been there with all of her uncel mel from vegas and his daughter bobbi and her family were was fun to visit and remember marie...on sunday we had the viewing...we got to see some friends of marie' was the was a snowy, cold day...the service was really nice...the nephews, nieces, grand nephews and grand nieces sang as 'marie's choir'...polly was the chorister...we sang the opening song...i see my mother kneeling...we then sang a family song...'tell me why' cousin nancy bagley spoke for her family...then, my aunt jean spoke for the low family...and finally my brother tom spoke for our family...they all did a great job...the low brothers and sons then sang...we then sang a medley of christmas songs...the bishop spoke...and then a closing song and the cemetery, my cousin george played the was beautiful...we dedicated the grave...went back to the church for was so wonderful to see all my cousins, and friends that love aunt marie...a bittersweet, back home to finish christmas!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a bit of the winter

i've been in slc for the last few days...i came up to host our bagley family christmas party...since i was here at the right time i also was able to go to my mom's family christmas was held at my cousin scott's is so much fun to see all of my family...i rarely get to go to this party, so it's a real treat..i saw 3 of my aunt's and one uncle...they are what's left of the older generation...then, i saw many's great to catch up on their aunt marie from my dad's side has been in a nursing home for a few years and she got pneumonia while i was up is a blessing because i've been able to visit her...i don't think she will be with us much is so sad, but, she's been miserable for awhile, so it's a blessing for her...kerry, polly and i went to see her after the lundgren was very special...polly started singing our old family songs...marie couldn't sing, but was mouthing the words...kerry and i were watching and was really a special moment...what a wonderful lady she has always been....i've also been able to visit with alot of friends and family while up here..kerry and austin spent the weekend up here with their little cat milton...what a funny cat he is...when they got to my house he was running around crazy...a heating vent was off the vent and he fell down the was a scary few moments, hoping that we could get him out...last night we had our party...dinner...a few songs and a surprise visit from SANTA!  the little kids eyes were so huge! they were really was alot of back to california to try and get ready for christmas!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


saturdays activities were really fun...willie came up with the idea to have a family mix-doubles was really interesting because a few of the out-laws had never, ever played...but, everyone was a good sport and it was a fun time for all....the kids played around also...owen looks like he has a pretty good swing....we went to lunch, then home for some was a perfect day...about 80...the kids even went in the 57 degree pool!  later in the afternoon, the adult girls went and had chines foot massages...this is the best $20 dollars a person can really a one hour massage...after we got home, the boys went...the kids played around some more...gavin and kate performed their puppet show again for russ and was a fun time...kelly and jeff and kids and gygi left  :(  on sunday we went to church...then, willie and kelly left...russ, kristen, kerry and austin and i had lunch, then, i drove them to the was a wonderful thanksgiving weekend...i'm really grateful that i could have my whole family under my roof!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

thanksgiving holidays

started off the thanksgiving weekend with a trip to see twilight

had a fun thanksgiving dinner with all my kids and friends...24 in all...

played around at golf n' stuff

finished off the evening at Lincoln...what a great movie...

what will tomorrow bring?

Monday, November 5, 2012


Let's get out and vote!!!
We have the 'right' to vote
Exercise your freedoms!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


i saw this on fb (thanks kari) and just love it...we need to all practice this!

Monday, October 22, 2012

be happy

i was reading quotes today and these brightened my day:

“You can be smart and happy or stupid and miserable. . . it's your choice” 
― Gordon B. Hinckley
“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” 
― Dr. Seuss

“Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.” 
― Gordon B. Hinckley

“If Life Gets Too Hard To Stand, Kneel.” 
― Gordon B. Hinckley

“Choose your love. Love your choice.” 
― Thomas S. Monson

“Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work.” 
 Gordon B. Hinckley

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” 
― Dr. Seuss

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” 
― John Wayne

“The best antidote I know for worry is work.
The best medicine for despair is service.
The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired.” 
― Gordon B. Hinckley

“Only you can control your future.” 
― Dr. Seuss

Friday, October 19, 2012


for having nothing to do, i am sure busy!  and that's great...last week kerry and austin flew in for a surprise visit!  they had fall break and their camping trip was, they came home instead...we went to disneyland, saw some movies, went out a lot...shopped...they went to the beach...just was wonderful to have them here..last week the weather pretended to be fall for a couple of got me in the mood to bake..yesterday i had the missionaries for dinner, so i made a carrot cake, peggy's delicious banana bread with chocolate chips and coconut..yum! between the baking and making dinner, my friend lissa showed me how to make these little baby beanies...they are so easy and quick...i'm having a struggle to she showed me the loom version....she makes a bunch of them and donates them to the hospital for newborns...i think that's a great idea and think i will do that, a new project!!!  always looking for something to do!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

love music

music brightens my day....i love to hear all sorts of music...usually when i'm makes me makes me makes can take you down many paths...certain songs make me cry....songs bring back so many memories...if i hear carol king...i'm instantly in high school....james taylor is always a staple...from when i was younger to now...izzy and his great 'what a wonderful world'...reminds me of dinner on the beach at turtle bay....the beatles are always my favorite...three dog night...they were my first concert....the beach boys...what we listened to as we drove to the beach.....and all the andrew lloyd webber musicals...we listened to those driving home from tennis....queen is a big favorite....willie nelson brings memories of tom...the redheaded stranger from my college are my sunshine...i think of dad and tom....and then there are the fun family songs that we've always sung...froggy went a'courting....tell me why....and numerous others that are so much fun.....i seem to be drawn to fast, uplifting songs...they make me want to dance...wish i could dance!  music is wonderful...what are your favorite songs?

Friday, August 17, 2012


this place is can you complain about a place that doesn't want you to lift a finger the whole time you're there?  they are so nice to us here...between eating and regular eating times...when you're at the pool they come around with 'beach amenities'....popcycles, gelato, candy, cucumber ice packs for your's heaven...we've had a wonderful time...tomorrow is our last day to enjoy here...austin, willie, kelly and kids left sad...we've had a lot of fun...on tuesday we had a great beach dinner with just our family...they set up a little table for the kids and one for the was delicious...i brought glow necklaces to make the party more festive...then, after dinner they had a fire and we roasted was much fun....on wednesday we went to tulum which is a famous mayan ruin on the was beautiful to was also pretty hot wandering around there...there were tons of geckos for the kids to see also...afterwards we went to a different beach for lunch...after we got back the clouds rolled in and we had a big's been great weather...but, almost every night it rains...on Thursday night they had an all you can eat 'taco' was delicious!  during dinner a HUGE storm blew in and i mean big!  but, we just kept eating and the musicians kept playing...the doors on the restaurant are all glass and quite a bit of water came in...but, it was fun...we played games wednesday and thursday nights...the kids loved after everyone left, kerry, charlie and i went to the pool...kelly, jeff , owen, gavin, russ and kristen went to a theme type park called xplor...they said it was amazing and really has zip lines, underwater caves, waterfalls, jeep driving...alot of different activities...they loved, it's come to the end of a great family vacation...we all reconnected and relaxed...and got tan!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012


I am  at the Mexican Riviera...Riviera Maya, which is south of Cancun about 45 minutes...the whole family is here, or will be when Jeff arrives tonight...we are staying at the Rosewood Mayakoba is beautiful...there is a lagoon that winds through the has all sorts of fish, even has alligators in's not too crowded because it's the off season...of course with that comes a few storms...i was worried that we wouldn't be able to go, because hurricane ernesto hit south of here on wednesday...but, it cleared up and we've been fine...every night it's rained...we'ved had some gorgeous days...some partly cloudy ones...but, it's been great so far...kelly, her kids and i arrived on thursday...kerry and austin on friday...willie and kelly, their kids...russell and kristen arrived on saturday...and jeff tonight...the little kids have had a great time playing with the cousins...they look like they could all be 3 sets of twins...they've played in the pool alot...we had a treasure hunt yesterday where they found pirates's been fun and relaxing...of course, russ had to go to the hospital...we can't go on a trip that he doesn't go to a doctor or something!  he got an infect that was  making his leg swell up...who knows what...but, the doctor at home told him to go and have an, that' where they spent the day on sunday!  hope it's better now....

Friday, August 3, 2012

end of the summer birthdays

this week is the end of our summer birthdays!  happy birthday to my first born son!! willie is 32 today!  how can my children be this old?  on sunday kerry turns 23!  now, that's a mind blower! my youngest is 23....we've had all the birthdays this's fun...willie and kerry are long distance parties...i miss being with them...last week i was lucky to be in utah with kerry and austin....we celebrated her big day for the whole was a fun time...i got to see little wren who has grown so much and baby julian who is only 2 weeks was week willie has bushiness in san diego, so i'll get to see him for a late birthday dinner...i'm so lucky to have my children in my life..they keep me going...willie is always 'there' for me...i know i can count on him...he's a great husband and father...he works so hard at everything he does...but, he loves to have fun...he loves to bike, snowboard, rock climb...he loves to be active....kerry is a joy to have around...she brightens the day when she is there...she is so talented...she is artistic, creative, she loves to rock climb, snowboard, she's learning to fish...she loves being outdoors...what great kids i have...and now that they are all married...what great in-law kids i have....i'm soooooo lucky!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

beach kids

it was a pretty slow week...not much happening...but, last night the lewis kids came for a visit...jeff and kelly went up to tahoe for a bike race and i am watching the, they woke up bright and early...i made our favorite breakfast of thinnies, which are swedish pancakes or crepes...russ and kristen came over for some breakfast and then said they were going to the was a perfect we packed up and headed out....the beach was crowded...hard to find parking...but, finally we were down there...the kids love the water...they love digging in the sand...or the dirt on the hills...owen said he was excavating...that was a word he learned from randy....randy, jennifer, melissa, mikey, bekah and ryan also showed up....russ surfed and took charlie out on the board...she stood up, but was scared...we came home and relaxed in the spa...with the kids doing cannonballs in the pool...had pizza, then a movie night...that was gav's have a fun movie night...i think i did more in one day....than all week!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


it's been a busy few weeks....utah and kerry's reception...birthdays last week...kerry and austin, nick and shayla, shem all came for a was a last summer reunion!  we had courtneys' baptism...yea! this week was busy also...the 4th was a lot of fun...kelly and jeff came up in the morning with the kids...we went to the beach with russ, kristen, randy and jennifer and was overcast, but warm...the kids had fun digging in the sand...playing in the water...paddleboarding with was a nice day!  that night we barbecued...and what a feast! shem cooked up his famous kahuku grill burgers! what a mouthful and soooo was fun with the pollocks...we watched fireworks...the fire that started down the hill!  that might have been more entertaining!  it was great....thursday morning i drove shemmie to the airport...and about 1/2 hour later picked up kerry!  she was down for a couple of days...austin was fishing with his dad, so she decided to spend some time with me...we went to kelly's and spent the day with her and the kids...we saw 'brave', went shopping and had another burger dinner...this one was at slater 50/'s a heart attack waiting to happen!  it was a nice way to spend a hard girls made it better for me....friday we spent the day with ashley and larene at the movies...met russ and kristen and derek for dinner...toasted tom's birthday! today we gave ashley and johnny a baby shower!  it turned out fun...she got a lot of cute outfits for him...and then i dropped kerry off again...she's back home...and a new week is starting!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

birthday week....

before the kids got married, we would celebrate 5 birthdays in 6 weeks....mine was the only one that wasn't in the, we have 5 in april and may....7 in june, july and august (7 in 6 weeks)...october, november, and, today started the summer birthdays!!!  russ turned 27 today!!  i can't believe my kids are getting sooooooo old!  what a wonderful son he is...he takes great care of me...he's a fantastic husband to kristen... a good brother...and a great friend...he works hard, studies hard and plays hard...he's amazing....then, we have a one day break (except it's jodi's and allison's birthday) and  on wednesday it's my oldest child's birthday...kelly will be 34!!  how can that be?  i'm still that young girl...i'm so grateful that she was the one that made me a mother...what a wonderful daughter she is and always has been...she has become a fantastic woman...she's pretty much a super woman...she does everything...wife, mother, runs a few businesses, crafts, blogs, sells, runs, bikes, runs, snowboards, runs, as you see, she runs a lot in her life...she's amazing and beautiful...just the daughter i always dreamed of...a few days later, we have kristen's birthday....she's turning 27 just a few days behind happy and lucky we are to have her in our family...this is her first birthday as a mullin...and we love that she is one of us!  kristen also is amazing...besides beautiful...she's a fantastic wife...wonderful daughter in law...she's a great teacher...she took up running and is running circles around russ...we are loving getting to know her more and, it's a happy week...the start to a great birthday season....

june in utah

last wednesday, kristen and i flew up to utah for a few days....we had kerry and austin's utah reception on turned out really was fun to have my family there, cousins, a few favorite aunts,  nieces and nephews, and great friends...some i haven't seen for quite a, it was good times...ashley, larene and baby johnny ( what a sweetie) also stayed with us....i got to meet wren, whit's new baby girl...and what a doll she is....maybe she and johnny can 'hook up' in a few years!  friday, we shopped around with ash and larene...kerry and austin stayed with us...nick and shayla came to visit...russ flew up friday night...he went to clayton's bachelor party...saturday was a busy day...we went to que and gayle's 50th anniversary party!  that was fun to be with the moller's and their family....the kids and i went shopping that afternoon...saturday evening was clayton gunn and lauren's was a beautiful wedding...lauren worked hard and made it was blistering hot, but, it finally cooled off!  sunday we all hung out...the kids went fishing for 'mosquitoes'...or that's all they caught...and then russ, kristen and i flew home that night....a fun, busy week...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

kerry and austin's wedding!

friday, june 1st was the big day!! kerry and austin's was a beautiful day...sunny, warm...and soooooo happy!  they were sealed in the los angeles temple at 11:30 was beautiful...they were really 5 we started the reception....some hor'duerves....then we went into was a smaller dinner for family and close family friends...they had the first dance...the brother/sister dance, mother/ son dance...a few toasts....then we had a reception with a lot more of our good friends...kerry's school friends, church friends, friends we haven't seen for a long was great...more eating, cake cutting...garter toss...bouquet toss...and lot's of dancing...the band was amazing...they were the same band that played at russ and kristen's wedding last summer...they were great!! we had a hot chocolate bar, ice cream bar, candy bar and a photo booth...the little kids loved the photo booth and candy bar!! kerry looked gorgeous...her dress was amazing...her hair was beautiful...just a picture perfect bride...austin was a very handsome groom...together they were wonderful...the bridesmaids and groomsmen were great and the little flower girls and boys were was just the most wonderful, perfect day...and i thank everyone that came from far and near to be with us as we celebrated!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

we're #1!

i bowl in a bowling league every wednesday's my favorite day!  my team...larene, jodi, lissa and i have such a fun time...we start talking the minute we get together and don't stop until lunch is over about 5 hours later...we vent, we laugh, we discuss, we's our therapy and we have so much, larene and i started about 7 years ago...with some long ago friends that moved (how rude) then, jodi and lissa joined up...we've never been very fact, i was the worst on the team...last year jodi kept 'suggesting' that we take lessons during the larene and i did...and it worked...those lessons actually helped!!!  this year was fun...starting in about december we moved into 1st place...we went up and down...up and down...and at this point, we were really watching our scores...instead of not knowing where we stood in the league...we knew exactly where we, last week was our last week of bowling...and we won!  we ended up winning by 7 was fantastic...we were soooo excited...and i think the rest of the league was in shock, but happy for us...what fun...and to top it off...i won the 'best improved'...improving over 24 was a great way to end our season....

almost here!

we're on the countdown!!! woo hoo!!  just one week until the this time in 7 days austin and kerry will be running down the path to their get away car!! i know that they can hardly will be a fun, but busy week....lots of activities and work to still be done...but all good stuff...tomorrow night is kerry's bachlorette party....tuesday she's going to the starts arriving...last minute stuff...then, friday will arrive and we'll all have huge smiles on our faces!! can't wait!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

my little family

my babies
i started off with just tom...and then we grew and added kelly, willie, russell and kerry....and through the years we've grown some more....well, it's happening again!  in 2 weeks we will be adding austin to our family!  what a fun day that will youngest child is getting's a bittersweet moment...i'm so happy that she found austin...but, it's sad to know that she's leaving me...but, i am so very, very happy for her!  she just sparkles these days...she is so happy!  so, from 2 to 10...and then some, because i have 6 wonderful grandchildren....and more to come, i hope!! so, i guess that's the gift i get for giving my children away....i get the grandchildren..that's a pretty good pay's just funny, when i think about it...i lived in a fantasyland when i got married...i never thought my children would grow up and, it was a shock when they the issue is staying close with my gets harder as they leave school and start they have they get established in their lives...everyone has responsibilities...playtime is gets harder and harder to be, i'm thrilled when we have a reason to be together for a few's fun to reconnect as a family...i hope we can always be close as they were when they were young!!!
 i hope that my kids want to be together...instead of our small little big happy one!

the family at russ and kristen's wedding, last summer