Thursday, February 21, 2013

taryn with julian as we shopped, my new doorstop decor, kerry and wren...celebrating whit's birthday
wren with milton, one hot mama!, my favorite dessert from the dodo

i had a fun weekend in was valentine's day, presidents weekend and whit's birthday....all in one weekend! what a fun time!  i had fun with kerry and austin and milton (the cat), we shopped, ate at fun places...saw movies, was nice weather...saw alot of my great friends...the fryers, whit, jason and baby wren, the pollock children, the mollers, my nieces...abby and was a nice relaxing time...i've been having a great time lately...the weekend before we had a girls weekend...danece and allison joined larene and me for a fun time in california!  they came down on saturday, we went and got chinese foot was a shock to larene...she came stumbling was hilarious...dinner with pam krahn, we saw a fun movie, church, dinner with wayne and russ...then we drove up to ojai valley inn and spa...our favorite thing in the world...a spa day!  it was heavenly...all day we were massaged, facialed and just taken care was perfect...we spent tuesday afternoon in ventura just shopping was a great time with some great friends!