Friday, January 25, 2013

last night i scratched my eye, i then took out my contact, lost it (of course),
found was, i  looked like this all day! (not patch) haha.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


first swing
is it too late to change my mind? 
where's dinner?

january comes and we all have many resolutions...changes, changes, changes...well, this one is in the works...i'll let you see it as it moves along!

my baby's baby!

he will be happy to meet them

but, he might cry if he sees them like this

but, he will love going here with them!
as most of you know...this little couple is having a little they found out it's a BOY!  woo hoo!  can't wait to see this little will be so much fun to see them as parents....


kristen and santa!

christmas eve, matching pj's
quickest gun in the west

i know it's now january...but, i need to play catchup...which is what i feel like i've been doing for the last 6 was a crazy full of different things...i haven't had a minute to seems like it was months, not weeks ago...after thanksgiving i went to utah for the bagley family christmas party which was at my house...alot of fun to see the family...i never am at this i was happy to be there...while i was there, aunt marie got really sick, i came home and she died two days, i went back that saturday for her funeral which was on was sad/happy event...i am glad that marie is out of her pain...she lived a long life and is now living a better one... it's also fun to see all of my cousins...they live out of state, so we're practically never in utah at the same time...coming home on tuesday...i helped throw the relief society party on thursday...decorated for the ward party on friday....finished my own decor on and started shopping madly through the next flew by...kerry and austin arrived home that next sunday...they helped me a's always fun to have them, then the big day arrived!  christmas eve we had our party that i throw every year...the pollocks, merls and mcnally's all came to celebrate with my family...we had everyone but the colorado mullin's :(   santa always visits during this party...last year the kids realized that it was russell...this year we needed a change, so kristen's dad was great and said he'd do was pretty cute when santa arrived...i noticed gavin looking for russ...then, russ jumped out from behind santa's back...gavin was really shocked!!! the grandkids grow more fun every year...they had a great time this christmas...santa was good to everyone...we had a nerf gun fight that is always a hit...the kids got cowboy rifles and hats which they was fun...that night we met at the pollocks house for a delicious dinner...then, we went and saw les miz....amazing!!! everyone loved it!! so, what a fun christmas....unfortunately, kerry and austin left (way too early) the next morning...kelly and jeff that was a very quiet house afterward...i think christmas will need to change year to year...if the kids are leaving, i need to go got a bit slow after they left...then, i got sick...and now after a week am finally on the mend!  so, it was a crazy month...and a wonderful christmas!