Friday, December 20, 2013

christmas.....getting ready

it's been a crazy month.....busy, busy....decorating, parties, helping kelly recover, a very quick trip back to denver (one day) (i LOVE amazon!) all that are some pics....

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

getting ready for christmas....

the last few weeks have been a whirl.....i went to colorado the weekend before thanksgiving for kate's baptism....kerry, austin and cedar met me there...we had a fun weekend in  the icy cold with the colorado mullin's .....the baptism was wonderful....kate was so happy and excited...i can't believe she's that old!!! we went bowling and to dinner after her on sunday...then, home again...a quick trip...on wednesday before thanksgiving i picked up kerry, austin and cedar at the airport....we spent the weekend in orange county with kelly and her kids....kelly had a hysterectomy on that wednesday, so we came down to help her recover....we stayed at pelican hill in newport's a nice way to recover!!! we all had massages...played in the pool with the kids....just sort of was a nice beautiful down there....
came home and babysat little russie....kristen, her mom and grandma went to "the price is right"
on, now, i'm onto getting ready for christmas!  my lights are up...and they do look nice...i put the finishing touches, i have to get my house decorated...presents bought, shipped, cards done, baking.....maybe i should quit while i'm ahead!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Busy weeks

It's been a busy few weeks. Thought I'd catchup.
A couple of weeks ago, willie and kelly and their cute kids came to visit and meet baby Russell. Kelly and her kids came up, we had a great time.
Beach, swimming, s'mores and Disneyland we're on the docket.

Then came Halloween.

Kerry came down on the Friday after Halloween. She was stuck in the airport shooting and walked, carrying cedar, a few miles with her duffle bag on her back! What a woman!!

We just hung out, went to Ryan and Whitney's baby blessing.
On Monday she flew back to utah I flew to charlotte nc to meet my cousin mare. She's moving there and building a house. We picked out all the windows, appliances, tiles etc. whirlwind, but fun.

So im back home getting ready for thanksgiving. It's been a fun few weeks

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