Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feels good

In Utah, my garage is a dumping ground...for everyone and can't imagine what's in it...couches, chairs, tables, bookcase, a kayak, snowboards, baby stuff, my parents old get the picture! Today, Kerry, whit and I cleaned it! We can walk in it! It's wonderful. One of those little things that make such a difference! So you better not get it dirty!! I'm talking to you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

party times...

it's the's been the weekend for about 8 days now...i've been in utah playing with family and's been so fun...came up last thursday and met up with cousin mare...we don't get to see each other too often, so it was very fun....friday was a girl's day, danece, alison, larene, kelly, kerry, shannon, kristen and carissa and i went to see the parade of homes, lunch and alot of talk!!! kids all arrived on thursday night and friday night...i love it when the whole family is gets pretty wild, crazy and loud, but what fun...the little kids love to play's the greatest..on saturday we got to go to tayler and nathan's wedding...that was a very fun wedding...alot of good friends were's a big reunion..on sunday we got together for a little more  reunion time with good friend, getting everyone together and catching up is alot of fun.....the family left day by day until kerry and i were left alone...pretty quiet...this week has been alot of lunches out, dinners out, moving kerry into her new apartment.(and as a sidebar...little owen broke his arm and elbow after he got home...had to have surgery last night and is home recuperating right now  :(((....)speaking of reunions...tomorrow night is my 35th high school reunion...that should be a great time....a few more day of fun...i still have a birthday party to attend, seeing some more friends...then, home again....

Thursday, August 5, 2010


my beautiful baby is 21!!! how can that be...let me tell you a few things about her...21 to be exact..
8.surfer girl
12.loves disney
18.hard worker
21.brings the light into my life
love you so much ker...happy day and year!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

who's turning the BIG 30?

with his T!

always a great cook

leadimg the way, always


willie and his 2 best buds....tommy and owen
it's Willie!!! i can't believe he's that old!!! once again, i say, i'm not old enough to have these old kids....willie is a wonderful 30 year old...he has accomplished so much...willie has so many wonderful you can tell from the pictures...he's always had great style...even as a young boy...he's athletic, smart, handsome, funny...a great husband, a great father and a wonderful son...i am so blessed to have willie in my life...have a wonderful day and a fantastic 30th year!!! love you always