Saturday, August 23, 2008

and....they're off!!

august always brings that day when the kids go back to my case they drive off to college and leave me's always a sad day in my house...summers are always so fun...easy...exciting...full of fun..they go way too fast..i always have a hard time when they leave.....she's going away for her second year and moving to, today kerry and russ drove off...her car was packed...they were ready to go and WHAT? the car didn't start...the battery that was supposed to be replaced, didn't quite get there...lucky we live on a hill and lucky her car is a, after a short pause...they were off! they are driving up to zion's national park to meet up with big bro, willie...they are doing some hiking and rock climbing...a trip that russ and willie planned and then were sweet to include, that will be a fun time for them...a last adventure before the year for me...kelly and i will have our own adventure when we drive up to utah on monday...


  1. You run such a great boarding house I'm surprised anyone ever leaves!

  2. now that they're all gone...can I come and stay???

  3. i can't believe the summer is already over!


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