Tuesday, February 3, 2009

busy work

it's the new year and all...so i'm trying to get organized...a few years ago, when kelly and willie lived in california, they worked the whole year to burn all of my cd's onto my computer...they worked long and hard...every cd in my house...and there are alot!
well, my computers and i seem to have problems...they seem to crash! alot! but, i had a plan....a backup plan! so, diligently, i backed up all of these songs...i wasn't going to let my computer win...but, in the end, it did...for some weird reason...the backup was there..but, it wouldn't convert back to songs....
so, after a year of wishing and being bugged...i'm backing up all my songs again...i'll tell you, it's a pretty boring project..but one that will make me happy when it's done...i wish kelly and willie were doing it...it went much faster last time!


  1. AAaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! NOOooooooo!!!! You probably don't even get to LISTEN to them as you put them on the computer, either. Sigh. Like cars, I find computers to be that necessary evil. SO frustrating sometimes!

  2. Really? Your songs are all gone?!? How sad...I wish we could help again! Good luck!


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