Saturday, November 7, 2009

my mom

cute mom
mom and dad, my brother tom and me
my mom was the best mom ever...i'm so lucky that she brought me up and taught me wonderful's been 12 years since she passed away and i've missed her daily...she was one of my morning calls...i told tom when we moved to california that i was going to be calling my mom, alot! and i did (that was when long distance cost alot).....she was my champion...she gave me great advice, she taught me how to clean, cook, tried to teach me to sew...she gave me a love of beautiful things..she was also a really beautiful woman, but would have been embarrassed if you said that and she was so much fun, she loved to hear my dad's jokes...she was a very talented person but had so much humility..... my mom taught me what it was to love...i know that she loved me with all her heart...i just hope that i have done the same for my mom gave me a great that i'm so proud to be apart of...and hopefully, it will be passed on to my kids, grandkids etc...thanks're the greatest!


  1. I miss her too......think of her every day....good job, Jo!


  2. loved the cute pictures! She was a beautiful person.


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