Sunday, August 1, 2010

who's turning the BIG 30?

with his T!

always a great cook

leadimg the way, always


willie and his 2 best buds....tommy and owen
it's Willie!!! i can't believe he's that old!!! once again, i say, i'm not old enough to have these old kids....willie is a wonderful 30 year old...he has accomplished so much...willie has so many wonderful you can tell from the pictures...he's always had great style...even as a young boy...he's athletic, smart, handsome, funny...a great husband, a great father and a wonderful son...i am so blessed to have willie in my life...have a wonderful day and a fantastic 30th year!!! love you always


  1. Hope Willie has a great year!

  2. Nice tribute, and great photos! :) Happy birthday, Willie!


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