Sunday, October 3, 2010


i loved pres. monson's talk on gratitude today during conference...made me start thinking how many things i'm grateful for...i have so much in m life...i've had such a wonderful far...i know it will continue...i'm so greatest blessing is my family...they are the best thing in my's great to be with my family...they are so talented, smart, fun...i'm very proud of each and everyone of them....and my grandkids are the best ever...i'm sure they are the smartest and cutest kids ever!!! i also have the greatest friends ever...i'm so lucky to have such fantastic people to be my friends...they are my confidants and keep me going when times are tough...i also have wonderful brother, sisters and sisters and brother in laws...neices and nephews...i have just been so is wonderful to know that i have so many people on 'my side'...if i wear out one person...i can call on another!  so thanks to all of you for being in my you all...


  1. i loved his talk too! it was beautiful. i am grateful to have a little sister who is so kind and generous. how blessed i am to come from such a great family.


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