Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines

      Have a Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Hey, Jolyn!

    (quick background for this note)
    I didn't mention that Teresa (13) has this unique opportunity to go to Peru this summer. Her Social Studies teacher is from that country, and every year he takes a group of 12 students & parents to one of 5 (he rotates through all of them, every 5 yrs) remote villages in northern Peru.

    It's an "invitation only" type of trip; the teacher kind of hand-picks the students he thinks can handle the trip. Teresa was invited to be on "the team!" She is ecstatic.

    They have been raising money for school supplies for the children, and this year they are also re-building the school building itself. It's a 2-week trip at the end of June. It takes days of driving, then riding on horses and hiking, to even GET to the village, then they spend a few days camping there. Then make their way back.

    Teresa has also been working hard. She's been taking orders for zucchini bread, and baking and selling loaves and loaves. She's recycling printer ink cartridges. She's babysitting and pet-sitting. It has been a good experience for her so far, I think, to see how all this works!

    The other piece of fund-raising she's been doing came from her Aunt (Frank's sister, Dana). Dana sells Silpada jewelry, and offered for Teresa to have a jewelry party and earn 30% of the jewelry sales, towards the trip and supplies for the children.

    We had 2 parties this weekend, and are still collecting orders for one or two more days.

    You know me--I am NOT a salesman! BUT, I thought if one of your family members was having a birthday soon, or actually the big wedding is coming up too, you might consider a piece of jewelry from the catalog:

    Just click on "jewelry catalog" across the top, then "browse the Silpada designs catalog in English." You can page through it at that site.

    Again--NO pressure! Just thought I'd throw it out to you as a possibility!

    Let me know what you think-- Kari :)


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