Monday, March 14, 2011

home movies

tonight russ and kristen decided to watch our old home movies....hope she wants to stay in the family after watching those!  but, i loved it....seeing my babies again...the one we were watching started when kerry was 3 months, russ 4, willie 9, and kelly was much fun to see them jumping around, crawling, riding their bikes, birthdays, a little attitude and alot of silliness...i miss those days!!  it was great to see my dad playing the piano and both he and my mom singing the old family songs...and tom being the funny guy i glad to have those memories...only a few more tapes...and hours and hours to watch...where did russ and kristen go???


  1. What a darling picture! I've just been thinking about Tom when he had a perm. Now that was funny!

  2. love the picture! i want to see movies of dad playing the piano and mom singing! bring them when you come next time!


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