Sunday, June 12, 2011


'tis the season of weddings, parties, weddings and more weddings...last wednesday larene and i flew up to boise to landon cooley's wedding...we went a few days early to visit and help out alison...we had a great time seeing boise, helping out with the wedding and most importantly, catching up with each other!! the wedding was beautiful...vanessa was a gorgeous bride, landon, a handsome groom...good times! on saturday, kerry, abby moller and i flew down to slc...polly and her girls threw russell and kristen a was especially fun because kelly and willie, kelly, jeff and kids and of course, russ and kristen was so much fun to see the's always a great time when we get was a quick visit, everyone leaving today...but a nice short time together...thanks, pod....

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  1. it was fun seeing all of your family. nice to have everybody together.


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