Sunday, October 30, 2011

house project

(the before...i guess i only take pictures of my house when it's decorated)
(the actual work)
i've had a huge project going on since last may....and it's done!!! i'm soooo tired from all that work....just kidding...i didn't do much of anything, except watch!! but, we changed the outside of the house...from a little cottage style a classic Mediterranean house...i love was a long summer...all my guests, visitors and neighbors had to deal with dust, noise, hammering, jack hammers, huge messes...what else? just about everything...trucks, sand, and more noise...but, it turned out fantastic! thank you, thank you..mike and all your great subs...we covered the front walk way and turned it into a little covered porch...with a front gate...the biggest thing we did was take out the step up into the house and step down...took out a couple of walls and made the entry just open...changed the driveway to pavers...put new windows and doors in...built a new barbecue turned into a bit more of a project than i the end of may when i asked mike if it would be done in july for the wedding...he gave a startled you're crazy!! and i, here it's end of oct...and we're done!!! yippee! i'm thrilled with the outcome...the only thing is...i'll miss my friends...all the work men that have been hanging out...maybe they'll come by and say hi!!


  1. jo! the Mediterranean look suits the house so nicely! i love it; great work. what a great house 'costume' for halloween.

  2. I love your new entry, especially the front door!!

  3. I love it Jolyn! I loved my little court yard. They are fun and add just a little something fun. 7 months is nothing, we are still not done.........ho hum. Everything up here takes twice as long, always twice as hard and twice as much money. Yah, put in the weather situation and there you have it. It's a good thing we enjoy our summers. I think your exterior design is classic as well.

  4. it all looks fabulous! i need to see it in person!

  5. No Way, Jolyn!!!!!!!!! The house looks just beautiful. What a great face lift! I hear you on the timing, though. Every house project seems to take twice the money and three times the time you thought it would. This is wonderful!


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