Wednesday, March 28, 2012

quick trip

heidi and kelly
the preggers girls..whit, marta, and taryn

kristen,whit, ker, polly

sarah,melanie,megan and katie and dylan

brittany, emily and jan (austin's fam)

jo and kerry
polly, me, and danece
on thursday, russ and kristen and i flew to utah for a quick weekend was packed with a lot of activities...we got up late thursday night (russ and kris almost missed the flight), friday, kelly and kids arrived in the morning...kerry showed up and with whitney we went to the new city creek mall downtown...that was fun to check's beautiful...friday night polly, whitney, marta and abby threw kerry her first shower!  it was so much be with the cousins and a few close friends/family...she received some wonderful to watch...jeff arrived late friday night...the lewis family went to park city for a photo shoot...saturday, russ went snowboarding...kristen, kerry and i met jason and whit for lunch, then some more shopping...later we met the mollers, tyler, jp, taryn and justin for pizza...delicious...then, on to the Hunger Games! was great...sunday was quiet...i cleaned up while the kids went off, kerry and austin to a baby blessing, russ and kristen went to the festival of colors, where they throw paint on you....then home again!.it was quick but such a fun time...

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  1. so much fun having you here. thanks for coming & my gifts!


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