Sunday, April 15, 2012

i'm turning into my mom....and believe me, it's a good, russ and kristen were over...russ brought in some beets he found in my garden and asked that i save the tops for him...i found myself putting them into a little grocery sack and sealing if off so nicely...and it reminded me of mom....she was such a great housewife....i have never reached her heights, in that respect...but, it made me you raise children, you do everything for in and day out...and you just 'wish' that they could do something for themselves!!!  but, then, they grow up...they move out...they're adults...and you just 'wish'...that you could do it for them when i get the chance....i's more fun now...probably, cause i do it so rarely....i feel 'of worth' again...someone wants my, now i realize why my mom would help me so much when i went to visit...i need to keep working on her other qualities...she had way more that i haven't mastered yet!!!

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  1. does this mean the whole month of may i'll get a home cooked meal every night?


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