Monday, May 6, 2013

showers and more showers!

last weekend i flew up to slc to have a couple of fun celebrations!  we had 2 baby showers for kerry on is that managed?  we had a family shower at polly's house at 12....then, a friend shower at my house at was pretty busy, but a really fun often do you get together with family and friends all on the same day...the family shower was really cute and had delicious food...kerry got so many cute items for her sweet baby....the shower had a 'travel' theme because we want to take that cute baby the afternoon, the friends shower had a 'wild things' theme which was darling...he will be a wild thing...for sure...once again, kerry got so many cute things...i think she's set! it was a fun weekend...russ and kristen came up, kelly and her was a great time...and it's always so much fun to see everyone...alot of most of all...eating...what a grew time....i need more just like it....
                                                     kelly and sarah
                                       taryn, kathy, charlie, kerry and kristen
                                     rachel (had her baby this week), kristen and kerry...the pregos!
                                                    marty, katie, sarah, julie, eliza, tommy and marta with seth
                                                          dillon and tyler
                                                      beautiful table
                                                ashley, larene, danece and kelly
                                                          jan and kristen
                                                     silly girls! charlie and elle
                                                              pretty curls
the dodo....trying all the pie!

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