Sunday, August 18, 2013


Last tues kerry, austin, cedar and I went shopping. Then drove through topanga canyon.  It was beautiful.  As we were driving home just past Malibu pier, it happened! A few cars in front if me, a couple jaywalked arcross the street. That car stopped, the next, the next, I stopped, but the one behind me didn't stop! Crash! He hit me. Then, I hit the next car. The others were ok.  It was so scary.  Kerry started screaming "cedar!" That scared me badly that he was hurt. Luckily we were ok. The other cars weren't so lucky.  My car got smashed a bit.  Not too bad. But it needs work. The others were really smashed. The one behind me had its radiator, engine and windshield smashed in. The car in front had its trunk smashed in.  We were so blessed that we were ok. It's such a scary thing and happens so fast.  My next thought was "everyone needs a really big strong car". So be careful out there!


  1. Oh, this is so scary, and frustrating. Car accidents are so fast, and unpredictable, and then you think back over it again and again, wishing you could have changed ONE thing that might have made it NOT happen. :(

    I'm glad you guys are okay.


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