Tuesday, September 24, 2013

meeting the newest cousin!

this past weekend, kerry, austin and cedar came down to meet baby russell!  kelly and her kids came up....and we had a fun, fun time....it's so cute to see the older cousins with the brand new babies....they are loving it!  gavin loved holding both babies....russell is about half the size of cedar...cedar has grown into a sturdy little boy....he's so cute with his blue eyes and red hair!  baby russ is dark with dark hair....he looks alot like kristen....we went bowling with everyone which was alot of fun...then to get pizza....on sunday, russ blessed baby russ....he did a great job...it was wonderful to have his buddies there...adam and ashley pollock, randy and jennifer meru, ryan and whitney gunn, jake and ashley maddox....everyone with their little families!  after church we went to terry and sharon's for lunch...the great-grandparents met the newest members of the family...baby russ is the 4th russell in the family....terry's dad, his son, his grandson and now his great grandson are all named russell....pretty cool! it was a fun, fun weekend!


  1. These are the best pictures, Jolyn!!! what cute, cute families. I especially like the one with you, holding the two little babies! So sweet.

  2. it was a fun weekend! glad everyone could get together


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