Friday, July 10, 2015

lisbon, portugal

We flew into Lisbon...planning to meet Russ, Kristen and baby Russie...but, they had flight problems and didn't meet us until the next Kerry, Austin, Cedar and I took a tour outside Lisbon....we went to Sintra...this is a small little town with a couple of gorgeous castles...the first we went into was really cool to see...but, then they took us up the hill and we saw the most fantastic castle on top of the mountain!!! all these cool colors...amazing was really fun to see....we drove to Cais cais, which is the beach town by Lisbon...we went to the western most point of was a fun day.....

the next day Russ, Kristen and Russie showed up....they were exhausted, but, we dragged them on a tour of Lisbon....what a fantastic city!!!! We loved it!!! so bright with so many many wonderful was fun!

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