Friday, July 10, 2015

finishing the trip!!! Paris!!!

i realized that i never finished our trip!  the wifi didn't work in the, i quit, we left normandy and flew to paris....we only had a day and a half there.....and we put it to good use!!
we've been to paris before, so we just went to our favorites....the eiffel tower...always...we have to have a crepe...or two....stare at the beautiful eiffel tower....cedar kept saying 'wow'!  we shopped a bit, had a great was fun....we stayed at an amazing hotel....the opened just last august...i wish i could have stayed there a bit longer!  it was unbelievable...all run on 'iPad'....the bathroom floors were heated, as was the toilet the tub, when you hit 'spa', it dimmed the lights, played soft music, put a do not disturb sign was great!!!!  a fun few days...then, off to Lisbon!!!

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