Monday, November 20, 2006

today i was accused of snoring by none other than whitney! it was on marty's blog...and i replied that it was because of dad...which being the week of thanksgiving...makes me think of all the many things i'm grateful parents being one of the top items...both mom and dad were the greatest ever...they made me feel safe and secure, like i could do anything, how lucky i am to have them in my life...i hope i have been even half as good of a parent...wish i had more of mom's tendencies though...tom, i'm soooo thankful for him...he brought such a fun light to my life and i just miss him all the time...doesn't really go away...all my kids, the out laws and the, aren't they the greatest! even when they drive me crazy...tom was right, we had great wasn't just a line...just to round it out for now...i have wonderful brothers and sisters.and they have such fun kids (except for you whit..(jk)....all of them are different and it's so fun to talk and be with all of them...last but not least...friends..they keep me sane. so, i'm really thankful for all of you.....


  1. You go Jo! I agree that all the genes you make fun of in your relatives are guaranteed to made their appearance in your own gene pool! Who knew that I'd get Dad's figure instead of Mom's? It isn't just gray hair and wrinkles that you should be worrying about...when you see your dad's whiskers sprouting on your own chin (and you're not a guy), you think about "inheritance" in a whole new way! So watch what you say about us Bagley girls!

  2. I apologize deeply for the remarks I have said that may have started a war. I said them out of love and respect for my aunts and mother. I know that one day I'll recieve the gift of snorning and will thank my Bagley genes with all my heart. It was a fun memory of Jo that one afternoon and many moments where I can hear my mother from my room in the basement. Its a sign that she is and will forever be a dominant significant person in our household. my apologizes to the sister bagleys..I want to be part of the trend.


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