Monday, November 12, 2007

miss kate

in hawaii in april '07
stopping to smell the flowers
a happy girl
swiss miss
all dressed up and ready to go!

this week i'm going to visit kelly and willie and miss is her 2nd birthday on thursday...i'm excited that i can be will be fun to see the changes in her since i saw her last in august...she's a darling little girl that loves to sing "old mcdonald" to me on the phone...what, i'll tell you more after i've seen her for awhile...but, here are some darling pictures of her...


  1. Oh boy, she looks like a Mullin to me! So cute.

  2. she is so cute...looks exactly like kelly and kerry when they were little!

  3. She does look just like her Daddy. Hope you have a great visit.

  4. I think she's a mix, cute as can be Have fun seeing them!

  5. She is so cute! I think she looks just like Willie!


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