Monday, November 12, 2007

top ten reasons to be the youngest

without me

i'm answering my neice gabi's blog ...she wrote about being the oldest...i'll write about being the youngest...

the best

10. you're always younger than anyone else in the family

9. you're the one that is spoiled

8. when everyone else is gone, you get to go on fun trips

7. you have your older sisters clothing to "borrow"

6. you might get a car...but only from a sweet older brother..

5. you don't have to babysit little brother/sisters

4. parents are sometimes a little more lenient...although, i think that's me....not my mom

3. you get your own room after everyone leaves

2. you have older sisters and a brother to have fun with

1. everyone loves you because you're the baby....

with me..isn't it better?


the worst

1. everyone leaves before you do...well, unless your brother doesn't...

2. they go off to play with friends and you're left home alone

3. you get teased by the family

4. you are their slave....

5. you have hand me downs from everyone

6. your parents have parenting don't get away with much

7. you don't get to shows, music, where to go, whatever

8. you share a room

9. they went alot of places without you

10. But, you're still loved because you're the baby.....


  1. Jo, I LOVE that vampire show on Friday nights. He is so adorable. I am loving him, even if the show is pretty cheesy.

  2. ok being the oldest of my fam, I have to say that your "best" reasons certainly out weigh the "worst" reasons. The younger kids always had it better!!!!

  3. You forgot get to be a young aunt to your siblings' adorable children...especially your oldest niece!!!

  4. Before it gets too busy... HAPPY THANKSGIVING y'all!


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