Wednesday, May 21, 2008

day to day

do you ever wonder "what have i been doing"? that's what i'm thinking right now....

i haven't posted for about 2 weeks and i wonder 'where the time has gone"....i know i've been busy...i went to slc to hear my sister and sister in law speak at byu's women's conference...i was very proud of both of them..they were the best at the conference...then, we heard pres. monson which was a fantastic experience...

on saturday we went to niels moller's big 50th birthday party..

.after the barbecue we went to the sl real vs la galaxy soccer game..

we saw david beckham play which was great...

on sunday i flew to denver to see my new baby..

tommy is a doll...he was so good, so sweet....kate has turned into such a fun little girl...she talks nonstop and says the most fun things...kelly is feeling much better...willie was home from work for a couple of great fun...then home again...

and the party has started...
. russ and kerry and many friends were home...alot of fun...i'm not used to having noise in the house's great.....
we had a fun mother's day dinner at the saddle peak lodge...yum!!!
then, on mother's day,
kelly invited us down to celebrate...that was wonderful also...

and since then, it's been getting kerry ready for peru,

helping to plan youth conference,

lots of different meetings and's been a whirlwind....especially with the kids, i guess it's been alot of 'this and that'....nothing too exciting...kerry leaves on friday...that will be a big day for her....
so, i guess what i've been doing is 'living life'..
have fun living yours!


  1. Yep, you have been busy alright. Fun though.

    So what is the stake doing for YC this year?

    It sounds like your Mother's day was great. Still have never been to Saddle Peak.....maybe someday.

  2. If my life was that busy, I wouldn't have time to blog either! Can't wait to hear about Peru!

  3. sounds like you've been having fun. Does it look just like the pictures in your blog?

  4. Well, thanks for posting even tho you think it's not exciting...I think all the things you said were very fun things! I think I went to Saddle Peak once, is it in the "mountains" here and they have all kinds of slightly uncommon dishes on the menu? Very cool atmosphere.

    I can't wait to hear about Peru, either!

  5. moms are always busy! was good to see you in utah, I'm craving that toll house cookie dough pie right now...

  6. Each of those events is exciting all by itself, and you get the privalege of experiencing all of them! so much fun for you.

  7. it all sounds lots of fun. i wish i was there to experience the party full-time.

  8. Well, Jolynn, I don't think you will ever slow down long enough to enjoy that new fireplace in the backyard!

    Its perfect! Good job to you and your "Fix-It Guy".


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