Tuesday, July 28, 2009

babies, babies and more babies

the last few days have been full of babies...all of them! kelly and i brought gavin, owen and charlie over to colorado to see the newest baby in the family...alexis...she was born last tuesday...we have been staying at a hotel near their house with kate...tommy didn't make the cut...a bit too little..we've played at the park, gone to the zoo, gav and owen saw some other cousins tonight...we'v e seen little lexie...she and charlie are getting to know each other...a fun little cousin reunion..let's see what i've learned...gavin is the boy...he likes to play boy games like space man, cops, etc.etc...kate is the boss...she tells everyone what to do..and she loves girly games like princess etc..owen is quiet...and he bolts...his new name should be the 'bolter'...all he does is take off running...but,he's always happy, unless the two older ones take his toys...tommy is happy to be part of the gang...he loves his vaccuum...what a doll...the babies..well, they are still perfect you know...haven't got any bad habits yet...so all in all a fun time with some fun kids...


  1. Do you have a cute little hat and an umbrella so everybody knows you're Mary Poppins? You're brave to get surrounded by that wild species. I bet you're making awesome memories, and helping the new mom adjust.

  2. Well, I'm sure they are loving having their fun grandma with them! I love that: "Kate is always telling someone what to do..." Believe it or not, the world needs people like that! Have a fabulous visit! :)

  3. Have fun with the kids! congrats on the new baby!!!


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