Friday, July 3, 2009

happy 4th everyone!

we are so lucky and blessed to live in this great country...i'm the first one to love going to another country to see the sites...but, there is no better place than the 'good old USA'....i love our flag, i love all the patriotic songs, i love seeing fireworks in red, white and blue...the 4th is a wonderful time....we can remember all those that went before us...that made this country what it is flag is flying in salute to our wonderful America!


  1. Love your tribute to America! I feel the same way. There's nothing like the USA!

  2. We drove across the border to St. Marys and had dinner at s great little cafe. The waitress said, Happy 4th of July" and I was thrilled. Next year I want to cross the border, buy fireworks, set them off and THEN have dinner! Michelle wanted to sneak in some fireworks, thought that would be fun. Uh, no Michelle. We will always be on their black list and who wants that?


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