Monday, January 4, 2010

what the boys said

here are some things i heard today....on the way home from park city, gavin sang us all the songs from his 'cd's'....mind you the cd's are in his head...he sang 'a pirates life, zippedeedoodaa, puff, the magic dragon, a made up thomas the train song and a made up lightening mcqueen song...he ended with away in the manger'..after that he said he ran out of cd's.....he sings pretty good, on tune, and fills in any part he doesn't know with 'na na na'.....other things i heard...'owen, don't do that'....he takes charlie's paci and runs off to suck it himself...he also made a great concoction of dr. pepper, hot sauce, more hot sauce and then just a little bit more hot should have seen his eyes when he sipped it!! gavin and owen were playing their 'good night' game...that's when they shoot the foam disks from their air foam guns...right at our heads...they are pretty funny boys...and very entertaining...


  1. Too cute! I love "Puff the Magic Dragon," it makes me cry... :)

  2. little kids are so much fun!

  3. I love the CDs in his head. Does he come with a pause button?


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