Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a little rain

it's been raining here in california...and as everyone knows...california only does stuff in a BIG way....if it's sunny, it's sunny for months and months, if it's an earthquake, it has to be major...and if it rains...

well, it has to rain buckets and buckets...the thing is, we californians aren't used to bad weather...it's pretty funny to see people drive in the rain...they don't know how....and even though i grew up in winter weather...i have become accustomed to 'good' weather...when it rains like it has been...i think...i would rather stay  in today!  but, in all honesty...i love the rain...makes me feel like it's actually winter...it's fun to be able to wear this:

                           to use this:

to wear these:


...it's fun to wear a little winter gear..and of course, it's always fun to
  'sing in the rain'

but, of course..it better not stay...rain can last a week...max...then we're back to that gorgeous weather everyone else is jealous of!!!


  1. hope you're not having any mudslides or any other catastrophies! i think you'd look cute in your rain gear out there singing!

  2. Nice post, and love how you use your photos!




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