Monday, February 1, 2010


do you ever feel like  you have absolutely nothing to say?  that's how i've felt's not that i haven't been doing anything...i've actually been pretty just doesn't seem very exciting...guess it's those january blahs...well, january is over and done with and we're on to february which in california is usually the start of spring!!! it's green and pretty from all of our rain...the trees start blooming, but we still see snow on the's one of the nicest times to be in, it's a short little month...before you know it, we will be in march...and then, it's almost summer...which i onward we go! and for all of you that live anywhere other than this paradise called california...enjoy february...spring will be there in a few months!!


  1. I'm a little jealous about your spring time arrival. I've got major spring fever. Would love to come lay in the sun for a bit!

  2. You say you have nothing to say. I think you're just storing up wise thoughts.

  3. I remember coming down in February and loving it! you are lucky to live where the sun shines most of the time.


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