Wednesday, July 7, 2010


(bearded guy was in the video they had to watch)
birthday presents
4th of july

the last few weeks have been really busy...we celebrated russ' birthday at the sky diving company, waiting until the sky didn't, so then we came back last friday and they were able to celebrate russ and kristen's b-days by doing the big sky dive!! they loved it and want to go again...a couple of days later we celebrated kelly's birthday with the family....and then to top it was the 4th! we had a really fun barbecue with my family, the meru's, the lefevre's, the pollocks, seek and his fiancee bree, aaron...and even our old neighbors wes and lisa showed's always fun to get together, to watch the fireworks, see the kids run's fun to see everyone grow up, but still love to be's a great sight!


  1. it's been a fun past couple of weeks!

  2. cute pictures! it's fun to see all your friends and family.

  3. Fun few weeks! I love your lighter hair! Love all of the pictures!

  4. You guys know how to do celebrations!

  5. Hi, Jolyn!

    You have such the perfect party house! Your hair does look "summer-y," lighter like that. It's getting pretty long, too.

    We watched fireworks with Charlie & Kathie last week, with their nice views of SLC. :)


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