Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas in hawaii

good friends, good times...christmas night party...beach with the kids, surfing...
pool time and spa....drives...great dinners...oh, and rain...but, what's a little rain when you're in the
relaxing mode? we did have a crazy dinner at macky's shrimp truck...the downpour started right as
we got there...they ran out of shrimp so the mollers didn't get any...but, what i had was fantastic...worth all my fantasies while
i was at home :) but, the lightening and thunder was unreal...then movies at our villa...so far...so good...
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  1. Fantastic, Jolyn! Christmas in Hawaii beats just about anywhere, in muy book! (My daughter Teresa would disagree: she loves snow, snow, snow)

    Thanks for posting photos! :)

  2. It was fun wasn't it? I guess it is still fun for you since you are still there and I am home with the snow and cold. Fun pictures, now I need to get blogging with mine. Aloha!


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