Sunday, December 5, 2010

thoughts from the grandkids

over the weekend i had 3 of my grandchildren visiting....this is what was said:
we were unwrapping  christmas lollipops for my candy jar...and as each one was upwrapped the boys licked each and every one.they said they had to taste everyone to see if they tasted different! if you come to my house...stay away from those lollipops!
also...i was calling them 'suckers'...gavin set me straight...jojo...they are lollipops...not suckers!
the boys also helped me put some little lights on the front hill...jojo....put the lights here...not there...they had definite decorating ideas...gavin also was talking about his very 'cool' skinny jeans...he told me that if he had a tuxedo jacket, a black tie, that it would make his jeans look super cool...charlie has found a new place for her paci..she puts it down her shirt...too bad there is nothing there to keep it there! she gets very upset when it falls thing about the kids visit...when owen runs in to my room and climbs in bed every those hugs and kisses!


  1. sounds like fun! the best part is the early morning hugs and kisses. i love that!!!!!

  2. What a great grandma you are! Aunt Marie always tucked things down her shirt. Maybe it's hereditary!


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