Saturday, May 19, 2012

my little family

my babies
i started off with just tom...and then we grew and added kelly, willie, russell and kerry....and through the years we've grown some more....well, it's happening again!  in 2 weeks we will be adding austin to our family!  what a fun day that will youngest child is getting's a bittersweet moment...i'm so happy that she found austin...but, it's sad to know that she's leaving me...but, i am so very, very happy for her!  she just sparkles these days...she is so happy!  so, from 2 to 10...and then some, because i have 6 wonderful grandchildren....and more to come, i hope!! so, i guess that's the gift i get for giving my children away....i get the grandchildren..that's a pretty good pay's just funny, when i think about it...i lived in a fantasyland when i got married...i never thought my children would grow up and, it was a shock when they the issue is staying close with my gets harder as they leave school and start they have they get established in their lives...everyone has responsibilities...playtime is gets harder and harder to be, i'm thrilled when we have a reason to be together for a few's fun to reconnect as a family...i hope we can always be close as they were when they were young!!!
 i hope that my kids want to be together...instead of our small little big happy one!

the family at russ and kristen's wedding, last summer


  1. all i want is to be able to come back & live close to our family!!

  2. I'm glad Kerry found her one true love! And she'll always be your baby. Things have been crazy around here, but I've been thinking about you and hoping everything is falling into place for the big day! Lots of love!

  3. Your big day is coming soon. Hope all goes well. I'm sure it will be as beautiful as the bride.

  4. i love your kids! it is hard when they grow up and get on with their own lives. the babies seem to be what brings them all back. those few moment when everybody gets together are to be treasured. hope all is going ready for the big day!! I'm sure it will be beautiful.


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