Friday, May 25, 2012

we're #1!

i bowl in a bowling league every wednesday's my favorite day!  my team...larene, jodi, lissa and i have such a fun time...we start talking the minute we get together and don't stop until lunch is over about 5 hours later...we vent, we laugh, we discuss, we's our therapy and we have so much, larene and i started about 7 years ago...with some long ago friends that moved (how rude) then, jodi and lissa joined up...we've never been very fact, i was the worst on the team...last year jodi kept 'suggesting' that we take lessons during the larene and i did...and it worked...those lessons actually helped!!!  this year was fun...starting in about december we moved into 1st place...we went up and down...up and down...and at this point, we were really watching our scores...instead of not knowing where we stood in the league...we knew exactly where we, last week was our last week of bowling...and we won!  we ended up winning by 7 was fantastic...we were soooo excited...and i think the rest of the league was in shock, but happy for us...what fun...and to top it off...i won the 'best improved'...improving over 24 was a great way to end our season....


  1. That sounds so fun!! Me and Al love bowling!

  2. what a fun thing to do with your friend! way to go on improving your game!!!

  3. Improved by 24 points! Is that even possible??!? Good for you ! :)


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