Sunday, July 8, 2012


it's been a busy few weeks....utah and kerry's reception...birthdays last week...kerry and austin, nick and shayla, shem all came for a was a last summer reunion!  we had courtneys' baptism...yea! this week was busy also...the 4th was a lot of fun...kelly and jeff came up in the morning with the kids...we went to the beach with russ, kristen, randy and jennifer and was overcast, but warm...the kids had fun digging in the sand...playing in the water...paddleboarding with was a nice day!  that night we barbecued...and what a feast! shem cooked up his famous kahuku grill burgers! what a mouthful and soooo was fun with the pollocks...we watched fireworks...the fire that started down the hill!  that might have been more entertaining!  it was great....thursday morning i drove shemmie to the airport...and about 1/2 hour later picked up kerry!  she was down for a couple of days...austin was fishing with his dad, so she decided to spend some time with me...we went to kelly's and spent the day with her and the kids...we saw 'brave', went shopping and had another burger dinner...this one was at slater 50/'s a heart attack waiting to happen!  it was a nice way to spend a hard girls made it better for me....friday we spent the day with ashley and larene at the movies...met russ and kristen and derek for dinner...toasted tom's birthday! today we gave ashley and johnny a baby shower!  it turned out fun...she got a lot of cute outfits for him...and then i dropped kerry off again...she's back home...and a new week is starting!


  1. Hi, Jolyn--

    These are great photos!!!!!!!!!!! I love the "paddleboarding with Russ" one. Lots of little cuties you have running around! :)


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