Saturday, July 21, 2012

beach kids

it was a pretty slow week...not much happening...but, last night the lewis kids came for a visit...jeff and kelly went up to tahoe for a bike race and i am watching the, they woke up bright and early...i made our favorite breakfast of thinnies, which are swedish pancakes or crepes...russ and kristen came over for some breakfast and then said they were going to the was a perfect we packed up and headed out....the beach was crowded...hard to find parking...but, finally we were down there...the kids love the water...they love digging in the sand...or the dirt on the hills...owen said he was excavating...that was a word he learned from randy....randy, jennifer, melissa, mikey, bekah and ryan also showed up....russ surfed and took charlie out on the board...she stood up, but was scared...we came home and relaxed in the spa...with the kids doing cannonballs in the pool...had pizza, then a movie night...that was gav's have a fun movie night...i think i did more in one day....than all week!!


  1. Sounds like EVERYbody had at least a little piece of the day together! I do miss being able to get to the beach in 20 minutes or so. Your kids are so lucky to have you and your house as the "Gathering Place!"

  2. nothing better than grandkids, the beach and thinnies! sounds perfect.

  3. I drove home today Jolyn, I was there for Neal's VB camp. Looks like fun times at the beach and yes, that was a long day.


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