Friday, August 17, 2012


this place is can you complain about a place that doesn't want you to lift a finger the whole time you're there?  they are so nice to us here...between eating and regular eating times...when you're at the pool they come around with 'beach amenities'....popcycles, gelato, candy, cucumber ice packs for your's heaven...we've had a wonderful time...tomorrow is our last day to enjoy here...austin, willie, kelly and kids left sad...we've had a lot of fun...on tuesday we had a great beach dinner with just our family...they set up a little table for the kids and one for the was delicious...i brought glow necklaces to make the party more festive...then, after dinner they had a fire and we roasted was much fun....on wednesday we went to tulum which is a famous mayan ruin on the was beautiful to was also pretty hot wandering around there...there were tons of geckos for the kids to see also...afterwards we went to a different beach for lunch...after we got back the clouds rolled in and we had a big's been great weather...but, almost every night it rains...on Thursday night they had an all you can eat 'taco' was delicious!  during dinner a HUGE storm blew in and i mean big!  but, we just kept eating and the musicians kept playing...the doors on the restaurant are all glass and quite a bit of water came in...but, it was fun...we played games wednesday and thursday nights...the kids loved after everyone left, kerry, charlie and i went to the pool...kelly, jeff , owen, gavin, russ and kristen went to a theme type park called xplor...they said it was amazing and really has zip lines, underwater caves, waterfalls, jeep driving...alot of different activities...they loved, it's come to the end of a great family vacation...we all reconnected and relaxed...and got tan!!!

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  1. It looks like a fabulous vacay. I especially like Willie's headband.


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