Friday, August 3, 2012

end of the summer birthdays

this week is the end of our summer birthdays!  happy birthday to my first born son!! willie is 32 today!  how can my children be this old?  on sunday kerry turns 23!  now, that's a mind blower! my youngest is 23....we've had all the birthdays this's fun...willie and kerry are long distance parties...i miss being with them...last week i was lucky to be in utah with kerry and austin....we celebrated her big day for the whole was a fun time...i got to see little wren who has grown so much and baby julian who is only 2 weeks was week willie has bushiness in san diego, so i'll get to see him for a late birthday dinner...i'm so lucky to have my children in my life..they keep me going...willie is always 'there' for me...i know i can count on him...he's a great husband and father...he works so hard at everything he does...but, he loves to have fun...he loves to bike, snowboard, rock climb...he loves to be active....kerry is a joy to have around...she brightens the day when she is there...she is so talented...she is artistic, creative, she loves to rock climb, snowboard, she's learning to fish...she loves being outdoors...what great kids i have...and now that they are all married...what great in-law kids i have....i'm soooooo lucky!!!

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  1. What fun times, Jolyn! And "Wren" -- what a great name. Happy August!


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