Saturday, March 30, 2013

our last day :(

today we left was a great to chill in...and we did chill, as it was sort of cold!!  we drove up past bordeaux to st.'s a beautiful little wine town...the cathedral was built in the 700's!  it's so cool, with all the little streets etc...we wandered around...had lunch at a little was very good, except that andrea on her last 2 bites had a piece of glass in her salad!!  they just say 'ok' and don't do anything the states they'd be bending over backward!!!  then, as we walked around, tams fell and cut his eye...andrea and kristen took him to the pharmacie...where they gave some holistic drops that took down the swelling...we had gone back to the car because it was freezing...they wandered a bit...we went looking for them...finally all got back together!  drove back to bordeaux...sat in traffic for about 1 1/2 hours!  whew! finally got to their house...we decided to just go to our hotel that's by the was getting late, so we had to say 'au voir'....which was very sad....we had a great time with them...they are so easy...the kids are super easy and fun...tama is a doll and ira is such a good baby...hope my kids took notes!!  so off to paris, then munich, then the usa tomorrow!!! a long, long day!!!  it's been a fantastic trip!!!


  1. Looks AMAZING! I've loved following your journey! Welcome back to the US!


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